What to see in Vienna? – all top tips at a glance

You are planning a trip to Vienna and you ask yourself: What to see in Vienna? Hardly any other city is so interspersed with magnificent buildings and traditions. The historic center of Vienna, makes every passerby's heart beat faster. So how about a classic "let your soul soar" day in Austria's capital city?

What to see in Vienna?

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If you want to stay even more in the center then you should book the Motel One at the State Opera, here you are quickly at the Hotel Sacher or also at various churches and St. Stephen's Cathedral.

The imperial palace Schonbrunn

Schonbrunn Palace is the former summer residence of the Habsburgs. Schonbrunn is best visited in good weather, then the flair and architecture of the palace comes into its own. A must on the grounds is a walk through the palace park.

Here you can really relax and unwind. Enchantingly landscaped flowerbeds and dead-straight paths give the impression that an imperial carriage is about to turn the corner.

After the walk you should definitely visit the castle. The castle has a total of 1441 rooms, 40 of which are open to the public. By the way, here you can also listen to the most beautiful melodies of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Strauss.

What must be seen in Vienna? Schonbrunn Palace

The magnificent Belvedere Castle

A grandiose park with water games is the flagship of the . Situated on a hill, you can enjoy a very special and breathtaking view over the whole of Vienna here. By the way, the whole complex is divided into the lower and upper Belvedere.

The Lower Belvedere mainly hosts special exhibitions. The majority of the in-house collection is housed in the Upper Belvedere.

Vienna Prater – the Viennese amusement mile

If you are in Vienna then you have to visit the Prater! The area around the famous Ferris wheel has been inhabited since the end of the 18th century. Century en vogue. The Viennese coffee house and nightlife culture once settled here. Over the years, show booths, bowling alleys and amusement establishments developed here.

Don't concentrate here only on the new shrill-colorful attractions. Try to transport yourself to times gone by. A must is a ride on the classic Ferris wheel. You can find all attractions here:

What must be seen in Vienna? The Prater at night

Vienna State Opera in the historic center

Vienna has not without reason the reputation as a music metropolis. The center is the State Opera. In the summer months the crème de la crème of the music stars come here to perform. If you have the chance to get a ticket, you can consider yourself lucky.

Take the chance in any case. Otherwise I can recommend you a guided tour through the building. Here you can also become part of the "Viennese Open Ball atmosphere". Tickets are available at:

Hundertwasser House and Settlement

Be in Vienna also sometimes a little more alternative on the road! The municipal housing complex Hundertwasserhaus impresses with 50 quite extraordinary apartments. The world is upside down here. The artist used instead of plastic, ceramics or brickwork and wood.

The Hundertwasserhaus is a popular photo spot. A little tip: Don't just look at it for a moment, but let your eyes wander and recognize the order of the irregularity.

What must be seen in Vienna? Hundertwasser House

What else you have to see in Vienna?

The landmark of the city – St. Stephen's Cathedral

The building history of this landmark began as early as the 12th century. Century. Unfortunately the original building fell victim to two fires. In the following years, the building was extended and rebuilt again and again until in 1579 the typical helmet in Renaissance style was built.

What must be seen in Vienna? St. Stephen's Cathedral

For centuries the cathedral remained intact, only in the time of the 2. It was partially destroyed during the Second World War. St. Stephen's Cathedral is probably the most important Gothic building in the whole country and lives above all through its impressive interior design.

MuseumsQuartier Vienna

The MuseumsQuartier (MQ) was controversial for a long time. Modern and old architecture are combined here. Especially in the summer months there is always something going on here in the inner courtyard. Young and old meet for readings, chess or cool Dj sessions. The special flair will also carry you away.

The delicious Naschmarkt

A place where the name says it all! Come early, because then most of the tourists are still in bed. The market opens its doors at 6 a.m. Now it's time to take a leisurely stroll through the corridors and marvel at the delicacies on offer. One thing is for sure, you will get your fill here in any case. For refreshment I recommend Sachertorte in the nearby Hotel Sacher or a visit to Neni's at Naschmarkt!

Naschmarkt What to see in Vienna?

For more on the Naschmarkt, check out my article:

On enchanted paths – Central Cemetery

Many may shudder to include a cemetery in their sightseeing program, but the Central Cemetery is different and should definitely be on your list. The biggest cemetery of the city attracts many tourists. Here you can still learn something.

Gravestones adorn titles such as: "Kammeroberamtsofficial" or "wirklich Hofrat". True legends are also buried here: Beethoven is buried here along with names like Udo Jurgens and Brahms. If you want to know exactly who is buried here then

In case of bad weather: What you must have seen in Vienna?

And if bad weather gets in your way, don't be disappointed, but take the opportunity to visit one or more of Vienna's museums. Here you have the agony of choice, whether history, music or the imperial era. There is something for everyone here. Of course you can also use one of the many hop on hop off buses, and just relax.

A relaxing ride is guaranteed here, besides you always have the possibility to get on or off the train. Or fill up on art and culture in the theater, cabaret or one of the many galleries.

These are my 9 Must-See Tips for Vienna. The question What to see in Vienna? I have probably only partially answered. Vienna is incredibly diverse and culturally wide-ranging. If you want to experience Vienna in a different way, then a guided tour is definitely recommended.

Travel packing list and other preparations?

My detailed and for backpackers and globetrotters I have published here, so you do not forget anything important. You can also download the checklist for printing! I've got a few in store for you too.

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Do you have any questions about Vienna?

Did I forget an important topic or a Vienna tip for you? Leave me a comment and I'll try to help you out as much as I can with my tips.

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