Vacation memories – tips for a short vacation in your own 4 walls

After my travels there is always one thing on my checklist: Preserve vacation memories. As we all know, the trips are always over much too quickly. Most of the time you just arrive in the place and you feel like you are already on the plane back home.

Not seldom to the cold, uncomfortable and rainy Germany. And right there, I start to plan the next vacation again. But even if I change the place, the feeling of my travels stays in my heart. In the form of vacation memories in my apartment!

Vacation memories in my living room

But how to conserve these vacation memories best? Photos are of course a classic. Sure, I always take hundreds of photos on my travels. Mostly these are gathering dust on the hard disk of the computer. If you think about it, this is already quite a pity. I am not a big fan of photo books and also not of oldschool photo albums. Because most of the time I have 2 places where my photos gather dust.

My favorite thing is to fill the numerous picture frames in my living room with my very own vacation memories. So I can pick out the most beautiful pictures for myself. If I then make myself long on the couch, then I always have everything in view and can again revel in my vacation memories.

In my kitchen hangs a big canvas equipped with my favorite photo from my visit in . This also automatically puts me in the vacation mood when I drink my coffee in the morning.

Vacation memories on my plate

For me, the culinary aspect of a vacation is always at the forefront. I love to see beforehand what to expect and what culinary highlights I can look forward to.

What I find while browsing the web or on other blogs then so, not infrequently makes my mouth water. Especially dishes that you didn't expect at all. This happens before my travels. But what do I do best to keep afterwards still all the delicacies in my head?

A few years ago, I decided to buy myself a cookbook in each country. Always with typical dishes for the respective region. So I can revive my vacation memories in my kitchen once again. It is of course clear that I can no longer reflect the feeling 1 to 1.

But I find it nice to reflect everything again. At home I like to browse through the "ideas" I brought with me. In the twinkling of an eye a delicious dish is created which revives the vacation feeling (at least in the stomach). You can find all my delicious travel recipes here:

Vacation memories in my kitchen

In my kitchen also hangs . I traditionally give this to my sweetheart for Christmas. The photos I use for this are, of course, from our travels together. In general, many of my travels and vacation memories are reflected in the kitchen. Here hang a few pictures from England and a Turkish lamp from Istanbul has its place here.

I also like to make myself a delicious black tea that I brought back from Sri Lanka. This is the best way for me to indulge in my vacation memories.

Vacation memories in my garden

My garden is my personal oasis of calm Here I can switch off and dig in the dirt all day if I feel like it. Many plants that grow here are not native to Germany. But at first I was not so aware of it, until I found out in Egypt that the beautiful purple shrub basil is also native there.

The red maple that comes from Japan. The Korean mint that blooms beautifully blue in autumn. I also brought tulips from Amsterdam, which I look forward to again in the spring. Just as on the Turkish chilies, which are very aromatic and wonderfully durftenden rosemary on the Provence.

Use vacation memories for the next trip

I often think about what I liked best about my travels. Meanwhile, I have clearly crystallized there that I am very interested in street art and art in addition to the culinary surprises of the country. So I use this knowledge and plan my next trips specifically according to my interests and memories.

In which city I find exactly what I am interested in? It is of no use to me to end up in some hick town where there is nothing to interest me.

So this is how I look for vibrant metropolises that are packed with street art. Which also have many culinary highlight and are ideally by the sea or near beautiful nature or parks. Very simple or?

A travel diary for vacation memories

I often watch documentaries about culinary highlights in foreign countries. All too often I catch myself thinking "I want to experience that too". This is then the typical course of acute wanderlust. Especially when I then still browse in mine.

Gradually this process starts and usually ends with me researching my next trip in different blogs. Or alternatively book directly. It is a fine line between wanderlust and memory. But the easiest way to fight wanderlust is to go back in time and just dream about my vacation memories. Or even to go for a walk in my home country.

Conserve vacation somehow? Tell me your tips and tricks. I am looking forward to your comment!

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