Travel Tip: The Financial District | New York

The Financial District was one of the places I kept coming back to during my time in New York. The combination of tall office buildings, the great view in Battery Park and of course the shopping possibilities fascinated me already in 2014 during my first visit – and that's exactly why it's urgently time for a post of my own!

On my first visit to New York, our hotel was located directly in the Financial District – and maybe that's the reason why I like this area so much. But even when I lived in Brooklyn and worked in Midtown, I was often drawn here after work or on weekends. Not only to Battery Park, where I could enjoy the view of the Statue of Liberty – a sight that always made me realize how lucky I am to live in New York. But also for shopping, eating or just walking through the streets.

Shopping in the Financial District

Probably the first thing most people think of when they think of shopping is SoHo or Midtown. Because in the Financial District you can find mostly office buildings – but one of my absolute favorite stores in New York is located directly opposite the subway station Fulton Street. At Century21 you can find very good bargains with a little luck – you just have to bring patience and time, because the department store is anything but clear. But also Zara, Urban Outfitters and so on can be found right on Fulton Street. And it is usually much less crowded here than in SoHo!

You can also find the TKTS Booth here. At the South Street Seaport the queue is usually a lot shorter than at Times Square – but you have less choice here, too. It's still worth it, for example I was able to watch The Phantom of the Opera from the fourth row!

The best pizza in New York

…you can also find them here! I have already written a detailed post about it, so I don't want to go into it in detail here. Just to let you know, Adrienne's was the restaurant that my boyfriend and I visited most often. By far.

Battery Park

From Battery Park you can not only get to Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty or Govenors Island, but you can also take the Long Island Ferry. Or just sit in the sun and enjoy the view of the Statue of Liberty – one of my favorite things to do! If you walk along the pier to the east of Manhattan, you will not only get to the Brooklyn Bridge, but also to the place where the IKEA boat leaves.

One World Observatory& 9/11 Memorial

And also when it comes to sightseeing, you get your money's worth in the Financial District. The 9/11 Memorial fascinates me every time, because it's just so incredibly horrible what happened here. I visited the museum twice, and both times I was deeply affected. I can only recommend you to visit.

I have also blogged about the One World Observatory in detail before, so here are not too many details. The view is fantastic, even if I have to admit that it is not my favorite viewing platform in New York.

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Wall Street, some museums, Trinity Church and St Paul's Chapel – also these sights are not to be forgotten. Especially the combination of the old buildings next to the new skyscrapers is fascinating for me. Of course, there is more than enough to discover in other parts of Manhattan, but somehow I got stuck here again and again.

While writing this post I realized once again: you might not be able to explain why you like it so much at a certain place in a certain city or why you simply feel comfortable at certain places. But if that's the case, then you can also find countless arguments for why others must like it too. So if you are ever in New York, make sure to visit the Financial District. Get involved and take your time to walk through the streets. Maybe you like it there as much as I do!

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