Travel Diary: A long weekend on Texel

Travel Diary: A long weekend on Texel

At the end of March I had a few days off – and since the possibilities for traveling are very limited at the moment, I spontaneously decided to spend a weekend on Texel. Travel within the Netherlands is possible with restrictions, and Texel is always a good idea anyway. After my weekend in Zeeland I booked an Airbnb again and was looking forward to a long weekend on the island in the North Sea. In this blogpost I take you with me on this short trip (:

A weekend on Texel

It's Friday and although I've been off for a week already, it really feels like a vacation now – finally I'm off! I haven't been to Texel since I was a kid, but I almost look forward to getting there even more. Because the ferry leaves from Den Helder, a place I know very well from my childhood. This is where my uncle stayed for years. I'm sure I haven't been there as much as I remember, but I've always looked forward to spending time at the North Sea. On the ferry it is mega windy and of course you have to wear mouth guards everywhere, but still it feels like vacation for the first time in two years. After a short crossing, we head straight to the Airbnb, which is just a few minutes from the harbor in Den Burg. Perfect, because from there I can walk to the bakery, supermarket and especially the bike rental. After a short walk through the village I rent a bike and ride to the beach. And suddenly remember why it was such a good idea to move back to the Netherlands. Right here, at the North Sea, is home.

Travel Diary: A long weekend on Texel - Texel 3 scaled

Travel Diary: A long weekend on Texel - Texel 2

The north of Texel

On Saturday I have big plans: Actually, the day before, I thought about cycling around the north of the island. But the plan quickly falls into the water when I see the weather – it's just way too windy. Briefly I regret that I have not rented an e-bike and then decide that it is actually not a drama. I can also just take the car and walk around a lot. After a late breakfast I first drive with the car towards Oosterend. I want to have a look at the village and then continue to the mill, one of the most popular Insta-hotspots on the island. I want to use the weekend mainly for taking pictures again. In the last years I somehow lost the fun in it, which I slowly find again – so I need nice photo motives.

Travel Diary: A long weekend on Texel - Texel 4

Travel Diary: A long weekend on Texel - Texel 5

After a short walk around the mill and on the dyke I continue. Next stop: The lighthouse of Texel of course! Here I also take a walk. It is just low tide and the beach is extremely wide – and because of the wind you get quite sandblasted. But it's definitely worth it, because it's sunny and just really beautiful at the same time. And relatively empty. Actually, in the week before Easter everything is already full with guests who spend the Easter vacations here. But since the Dutch have no vacations yet (there are no Easter vacations here) and the Germans do not come here in large crowds but rather sporadically because of the entry restrictions, it is relatively quiet. Luckily! Because that is just really relaxed.

Because it is only shortly after noon, I go to the next viewpoint: I drive to the Slufter. Instead of just enjoying the view from the viewing platform like most people do, I decide to take an extensive walk in the dune area. Of course on the given ways, because the nature is protected here. Honestly, I don't understand why so many tourists ignore the signs for this and climb into the dunes. But instead of getting upset about it I walk to the sea and enjoy the wind there. Slowly the tide is coming in, and as I start my way back, you can already see how more sea water is flowing into the valley. I decide to end the day for now with a short walk and an ice cream in De Koog.

Travel Diary: A long weekend on Texel - Texel 8 scaled

Afterwards I am pretty tired and go back to the Airbnb for the time being. Only at half past six I start again towards the west coast of the island to watch the sunset over the sea. Unfortunately there is a bit of fog or clouds hanging over the sea, but still the view is magnificent and I can't stop taking pictures of the seagulls and the waves in front of the sunset.

Travel Diary: A long weekend on Texel - Texel 9

Travel Diary: A long weekend on Texel - Texel 10

Sheep, harbor and forest

The next day I get out of bed late – I didn't sleep very well and am correspondingly tired. And the weather has unfortunately deteriorated significantly and it is raining. Therefore I start the whole day rather relaxed and start with a visit to a farm, where you can usually pet lambs. Because of the pandemic this is not possible, but there is a great farm store with lots of nice products and a few sheep that can be petted.

Travel Diary: A long weekend on Texel - Texel 6

Afterwards I want to go to the harbor in Oudeschild. Normally I would like to go to the museum in this weather, for example to the Juttersmuseum, where you can admire washed up flotsam and jetsam – from ship propellers to small things everything seems to be there I see when I take a look over the fence into the backyard. But of course the museum is closed at the moment. Instead, it's a short walk through Oudeschild before I get back in the car and head to the National Park Dunes of Texel. In the forest area I take a long walk and I am just really glad that I decided to spend a long weekend on Texel. In the last few weeks the lockdown has really hit my mood, and this short vacation gives me so much energy. Right decision! In the evening I bring back my bike and order food from a restaurant in the village – as a perfect end of the weekend.

Travel Diary: A long weekend on Texel - Texel 1 scaled

On monday I have to check out already at 10 a.m. Since the weather on Texel remains unfortunately the whole day rather bad, I take relatively early the ferry direction mainland and decide to insert still another small detour and to drive on the way back over Volendam.

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