The best tips against fear of flying

The best tips against fear of flying

Fear of flying is a big problem for affected passengers. Because more passengers suffer from fear of flying than one might think at first sight. Because contrary to long-held opinions, about 1/3 of the passengers are affected in some form or another. And for these travelers it is sometimes anything but easy to get on a plane. Sometimes the fear begins even days before the actual flight. For others, however, it is only when the plane takes off or lands.

Fears, including the fear of flying, are often not rationally explainable. And this is exactly where there is a great need for clarification. Because unknown noises or the very low probability of a crash must nowadays simply no longer be a reason and here it is relatively easy to impart more knowledge, so as to counteract the fear from the outset.

Simulator training for more routine and against fear of flying

And exactly here there is a pilot who has made it his business to provide more information with his knowledge or even to take the affected people by the hand with a coaching and to help them to overcome their fear. It clarifies the meaning of the individual previously unknown sounds and to what extent pilots are trained to master difficult situations even better by declaring them to be standard processes, thus constantly trained in the simulator and thus provide for more routine. Especially premium airlines stand out here with their good training and further education.

Tip 1 against fear of flying

Become more aware of unfamiliar sounds by listening to Suk-Jae Kim's podcast and become more skilled at recognizing and interpreting these sounds. If you have individual questions, you can reach him (and of course me) via Upspeak and get personal answers to your individual questions.

Tip 2 against fear of flying

You should not keep your fears to yourself, but express them especially to the boarding staff. Because only in this way the crew can respond to you and support you accordingly. This can also help you to visit the cockpit on the ground and meet the pilots in person. Talking to your partners or fellow travelers also helps tremendously. And at the same time a welcome distraction. The in-flight entertainment system or your own music or audio books are also ideal for this purpose. By the way, the so-called active-noise-canceling headphones, which suppress the ambient noise, are especially suitable for this purpose. These are usually available at your seat in Business and First Class. If you are traveling in economy, you have to bring your own headphones.

Tip 3 against fear of flying

Do not take any medication or alcohol against your fear, because they can have the opposite effect and even increase your fear. A natural method such as meditation before or during the flight is better.

Tip 4 against fear of flying

Good preparation is half the battle. Means if you arrive early at the airport, check in your bags without time pressure. Then quickly through security and off to the lounge. A frequent flyer status or the American Express Platinum credit card will help you here. In order to avoid stress already in the pre-planning phase, it is advisable to choose direct flights and to avoid connecting flights.

Relaxed arrival before departure against fear of flying


Whether you are affected by fear of flying yourself, or a partner or fellow traveler, knowing what can cause fear of flying and how best to deal with it is a key to success. Because you will not only help yourself, but also others.

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