Swakopmund surroundings

Swakopmund surroundings in Namibia

The region Swakopmund surrounding is scenically very diverse. Stony and sandy deserts predominate, as well as savannah landscapes and the mountain rise of the great rim stage. Especially the parts of this region that are located in the Namib Naukluft Park or the Dorob National Park are attractive.

Climate of the Swakopmund area

The climate of this region is characterized by the interplay of the Atlantic Ocean and the desert. Due to the cold Benguela current on the Atlantic coast, temperatures in the region drop sharply compared to the interior of the country. The prevailing southwesterly wind is cooled by the Benguela Current to such an extent that there is no cloud formation at high altitude. However, a fog bank develops over the Atlantic Ocean, which lingers over the coastal strip for an average of 200 days a year and can often penetrate a few kilometers inland.

Flora and fauna in the area around Swakopmund

Especially in the Namib Desert there are many animal and plant species that have adapted perfectly to the climate. The endemic fog drinker (Onymacris unguicularis), for example, stands on its head and tries to generate drinking water by condensing the fog on its own body. The Welwitschia Mirabilis, which is often found in the Swakopmund area, can live for hundreds of years and can be found in the national coat of arms of Namibia.

Places of interest in the Swakopmund area

Here you will find an overview of activities, highlights and sights in the Swakopmund region. Namib Naukluft Park is home to Sandwich Harbour, where the dunes of the Namib Desert merge with the waves of the Atlantic Ocean in a particularly charming way. There are many specimens of Welwitschia Mirabilis and an exciting desert research station. At Cape Cross in Dorob National Park there is one of the world's largest seal colonies.

Accommodation in the Swakopmund area

Lodge at the Atlantic Ocean © Cape Cross Lodge

Lodge and camping at the Kreuzkap seal colony

Cape Cross Lodge is located about 120 km north of Swakopmund. The lodge offers 18 standard rooms with sea view and 2 luxurious suites, also with sea view as well as 21 tent sites. Cape Cross Lodge organizes various tours including excursions to Messum Crater and the seal colony, as well as fishing trips and boat cruises.

Rustic guest farm in the Namib Desert © Kobo Kobo Hills

Private guest farm and mountain camp (closed until further notice!)

Kobo Kobo Hills is a guest farm in the Namib Desert, about 160 km east of Swakopmund. The guest farm offers full board in thatched bungalows or North African style cottages. Kobo Kobo Hills offers a variety of activities, such as.B. Hiking, abseiling, walking, game and nature drives, bird watching, horse riding and weekend courses for photographers.

Long Beach Lodge © Protea Hotels

Hotel at "Long Beach between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund

As the name suggests, the lodge is located in the small village of Langstrand, right on the beach between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. It houses 17 rooms, a bar, a terrace and a swimming pool. The dunes of the Namib Desert are only 500 meters away, as is the sandy beach of the Atlantic Ocean.

Pool area and chalets © Rossmund Lodge

Lodge near Swakopmund

Rossmund Lodge is located on the north bank of the Swakop Dry River just 6 km from the coastal town of Swakopmund. The lodge is part of the beautifully situated Rossmund Golf Course in the Namib and one of only five registered desert grass golf courses worldwide.

The Burning Shore © Protea Hotels

Hotel at the "Langstrand between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay

The Burning Shore is located between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay in a small village called Langstrand and between the Namib Desert and the Atlantic Ocean. The Burning Shore offers 12 luxurious rooms and meals are served either in the cozy restaurant or in the fresh air on the deck.

Desert spring

Mountain chalet © Wustenquell

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