Spinach risotto with goat cheese by Jamie Oliver

A delicious risotto is one of the best comfort foods for me. Not everyone likes the sloppy and creamy texture, but those who do will love this recipe. Promise.

I like to prepare risotto in different ways. Quite classic, with butter and a good portion of fresh grated parmesan, with fresh mushrooms, or as in this version an Italian spinach risotto with goat cheese. This is Italy on your plate!

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A good spinach risotto needs time!

Spinach risotto with fresh goat cheese

Risotto is not a quick dish, because in Italy people like to take their time to prepare meals, but with a little trick you can take a little less time standing at the stove or "precook" risotto for 2 days without it becoming too soft.

I learned this trick from Jamie Oliver, because he prepares risotto in such a way that 75% of the work is done in the first step. The risotto can rest in the refrigerator until you continue to cook it.

Of course, there is nothing to stop you from doing the two steps one after the other.

Step 1 to the perfect spinach risotto

The rice is pre-cooked to 75% in this basic step. Onions and celery are sauteed with butter and olive oil for about 15 minutes. The rice is added to the ingredients and deglazed with white wine. Then broth is added by the ladleful.

When the liquid evaporates, the next ladle. Do not add too quickly, because then you will get mushy rice soup. After approx. 15 minutes, the risotto can be poured onto a tray and is put in a cold place.

Step 2 to the perfect risotto

Now the actual preparation begins and the spinach comes into play. Here you can use either frozen spinach leaves or fresh spinach as ingredients. You need approx. 300 g. which is sauteed with a clove of garlic and olive oil.

In a saucepan, heat the broth again and add the spinach to half of the liquid. Add again by the ladleful. When the rice is creamy, it is mixed with the spinach and half of the fresh goat cheese and seasoned with salt and pepper. The rest of the Parmesan cheese goes on the finished risotto. Delicious!

Spinach risotto with creamy goat cheese

Of course you can also use regular cream cheese if you don't like the taste of goat cheese. However, fresh goat cheese is also the mildest cheese you'll get from the category.

The lemon or lime zest gives the risotto a certain lightness that goes perfectly with a good glass of white wine with your meal. Bon appetit!

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