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PI Plannings or Big Room Plannings are a substantial success factor for many companies to plan projects and programs and to involve the involved teams.

The execution of a PI planning requires some organizational skills, as it is important to organize the time as efficiently as possible for all involved and to optimize the event for value creation.

Are the teams, or. If the individual team members are also physically separated, the requirements for tools and communication possibilities increase enormously.

Many of our customers currently have to convert PI planning from a scheduled face-to-face event to a remote working event in a short period of time and therefore ask us about the possibilities to support this technologically. There is no standard recipe that can be applied to all situations. This article focuses on different approaches and refers to some helpful articles around the topic of distributed working.

All SAFe®?

Although PI Planning is a SAFe® discipline, the approaches described are not limited to this framework. The possibility to coordinate work in the team and to have a common working base incl. Creating dependencies and roadmaps is a very common requirement. Every team, respectively. Organization can therefore also customize and extend its appropriate setup to meet its individual needs.

Most companies already have collaboration and teamwork tools in place. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we put Jira software and Confluence at the center of our consideration. In addition, we present some solutions that can be seamlessly integrated with Jira software, or used completely independently.

Jira Apps for PI Planning

The following list is not exhaustive and focuses on the apps we have already been able to successfully deploy with our clients. Have you discovered an exciting solution for yourself?? We appreciate any feedback and would be happy to add further ideas to the list.

Programs for Jira – Easy Agile

Programs for Jira impresses with its structured design and supports cross-team coordination in a simple and tidy way. Fully integrated with Jira, projects can manage PI roadmaps and view dependencies across product increments (PI). Each team coordinates its work and dependencies to other teams in its team backlog.

Programs can be quickly and easily integrated into Jira and are thus immediately available to the teams.

Easy Agile Programs dependencies on tasks and stories

Easy Agile the vendor of Programs for Jira has created the following article on "How to prepare for distributed PI Planning" at.

Agile Hive – Seibert Media

Agile Hive can be described as a complete solution for your SAFe® approach in Jira. All SAFe® disciplines and hierarchies are supported and made available in Jira. The integration of Confluence and the associated combination of task and knowledge management is also beautifully implemented.

Agile Hive Confluence Integration PI Planning

Peter Weingartner from Seibert Media described in a recent blog the procedure of a PI Planning with Agile Hive:
"Agile Hive: PI Planning in the time of Covid-19"

The latest webinar on the topic: "Remote PI Planning with Agile Hive" has been published

Big Picture – SoftwarePlant

BigPicture is a total project management solution that integrates seamlessly with Jira and supports a full range of activities such as: Portfolio Management, Roadmap, Resource Management, Risk Management, etc.

SAFe® is fully supported, which is why PI plannings are also possible.

Increment Backlog in Big Picture

The vendor SoftwarePlant describes in the blog article "How to do PI planning in Jira with SAFe in mind?", how a PI Planning can be done in the context of BigPicture.

Jira Align – Atlassian

Jira Align is aimed at larger organizations that are driving agile transformation across divisions. All levels from product/project portfolio to delivery team are supported. If you are looking for a complete solution that covers all these aspects, Jira Align will fully support you.

The following blog article from Atlassian summarizes some virtual/remote PI planning best practices and presents solutions using Jira Align:
"Virtual/Remote PI Planning Best Practices and FAQ Table of Contents"

Standalone Apps

The following tools can be used completely detached and in conjunction with Jira software. All tools have integrations to share data and avoid media discontinuity where appropriate.

PI Planning App – Rentouch

Since its inception, the Rentouch team has specialized in optimizing remote work for teams. Their expertise and experience has gone into the PI Planning App, which has allowed teams to successfully perform geographically separated PI planning for quite some time.

The PI Planning App impresses with its ease of use and real-time synchronization. All team members can thus follow all changes live. A "single source of truth" is created. Of course, the integration with Jira software is exciting for us.

Your advantage: You can immediately start using the PI Planning App. The Swiss company Rentouch provides a 30-day trial. Start your Free Trial right here.

The latest video from Rentouch sums up the current situation and explains how the PI Planning App works in 3 minutes: "piplanning app – The Solution for remote SAFe PI Plannings"

Miro used to be called real time board. And the old name says it all. Miro focuses primarily on the general collaboration of distributed teams on a common whiteboard. In addition to the possibilities of PI planning, many other creative approaches are supported, such as.B.: ideation/brainstorming, creative work and design, etc.

PI Planning with Miro

Miro has an integration with Jira, allowing Jira Issues to be managed as cards directly in a whiteboard. Changes are synchronized immediately.


Mural also primarily addresses remote collaboration and offers many possible applications for distributed teams. Various templates give a good impression of the wide range of applications of Mural, as this project management example shows.

Mural can also be connected to Jira and prevents media discontinuity.

For those who are familiar with the Atlassian Playbook, we would like to point out the Atlassian Playbook Template. The Playbook helps teams to improve continuously. Especially for distributed teams this approach helps to drive the topic forward.

More Remote Work Tips

There are currently countless tips and tricks for dealing with Remote Work everywhere. Therefore, we would like to limit ourselves to a few highlights here:

  • Atlassian provides many of its products for free to smaller teams. You can find all the info here:
  • Slack enables efficient and targeted conversations. Oh yes, the mailbox is also greatly relieved:

How can we help?

At Swarmit, we want to help you make distributed work as efficient as possible. We know all the solutions presented from practical experience. In addition, our certified SAFe® Program Consultants (SPC) are familiar with the methodological challenges.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Suggestions and additions, respectively. We gladly accept reports of experiences. We can also present all the solutions in more detail.

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