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The well-deserved vacation is coming – finally enjoy leisure and relax. But unfortunately, health doesn't always play along. It is never a bad idea to have a first-aid kit with you.

Tips for the travel pharmacy

Basic tips for the first-aid kit

In any case, it is important to compile your travel first-aid kit in a way that suits your vacation accordingly. Beach vacationers will sometimes need very different things than city travelers or jungle trekkers.

Find out before you travel if any precautions or medications are recommended for the destination. Vaccinations also fall into this category and should definitely be done in a timely manner.

The duration of the vacation is also important. If you are traveling for a longer period of time, you should make sure to take enough medicines with you.

It is advisable to get the contents of the first-aid kit in Austria. Even if you are "only" traveling within Europe, it is not self-evident that the same medicines are available everywhere. If a needed medication is also available in the destination country, the concentration and active ingredient may still be different. Counterfeit medicines can also become a problem, as can reading the package insert in a foreign language.

Tips for your travel pharmacy

This should not be missing from your first-aid kit

Online are countless, very extensive checklists for the first-aid kit to find. In addition to the "basic care", i.e. sun creams, after-sun products, remedies against insect bites, as well as medicines against colds, fever and pain, medicines against digestive complaints and travel sickness are recommended. If you prefer to count on the power of nature, you can help with bloating and flatulence with the dr. Bohm ® artichoke dragees best served. They support fat digestion, especially after sumptuous meals, which sometimes you just don't want to do without on vacation. People who suffer from sluggish digestion or even constipation are often helped by the power of ginger. A little ginger juice gets the digestion going again.

Herbal first-aid kit

You don't need a headache on a well-deserved vacation. In addition to classic painkillers, it can help to rub some mint oil on the temples. For migraines, tea tree oil or Dr. Boehm ® motherwort capsules for migraine prophylaxis proven.

A wound and healing ointment should also always be part of the package. Ointments with the antibacterial effect of calendula are suitable here.

Fear of flying or inner anxiety before starting a journey are not uncommon. Here help Dr. Bohm ® Passionflower dragees. The calming effect of passionflower is especially optimal when the dragees are taken over a longer period of time.

Tips for special cases

Do not forget under any circumstances medicines, which you should take regularly! Allergy sufferers and diabetics should also be well equipped for emergencies.

Who travels with babies or small children, should think still a little further. For air travel, for example, saline or sea salt nasal drops are recommended so that the little ones do not suffer so much from the pressure equalization difficulties during takeoff and landing.

Not everyone wants to go to the trouble of putting together a travel pharmacy themselves. Many pharmacies already offer to assemble the medicines you need for you. A nice addition to the conventional travel pharmacy is also always a homeopathic. This is – already fully stocked – available in pharmacies.

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