Post-holiday blues: 5 tips to combat “re-entry syndrome”

Post-holiday blues: 5 tips to combat the "re-entry syndrome"

Travel is an extremely positive activity for mental and physical health. But unfortunately, all the positive feelings we experience on vacation begin to fade as soon as we board our return flight and risk falling victim to the so-called re-entry syndrome.

Do you know? That feeling, a mixed between despair and sadness, when we return home from a fabulous trip and find it difficult to get used to everyday life again.

The post-holiday blues, or re-entry syndrome actually, it can be more or less severe depending on how intense and long the travel experience was, and is characterized by a general decline in well-being and work productivity after a satisfying vacation.

Post-holiday blues symptoms include frequent crying upon return, fatigue, boredom, nostalgia, anxiety and stress.

Returning to work, school and everyday life can indeed be a source of anxiety, disorientation and discomfort.

But as uncomfortable as it may be, this re-entry syndrome can be overcome with a little determination, self-care and a few tricks of the trade.

Here are 5 tips to overcome the post-holiday blues.

How to overcome the re-entry syndrome

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1. Plan your next trip

The happiest part of vacation may not be (just) the vacation itself, but the moments leading up to it.

According to a 2010 study published in the journal Applied Research in Quality Of Life, even planning a trip alone can lead to greater feelings of happiness.

And if you've just returned from vacation and gone straight to work, you know you're not alone in wanting to buy tickets back and leave.

According to a Travelzoo survey, 69% of vacations are sought and booked during work hours.

So what better way to overcome your return sadness than to plan your next trip?

2. Reconnect with friends and family

When you return from vacation, you often feel the need to have (or give) more meaning to your life. If you also feel these emotions, try to spend time with friends and family.

Also consider reconnecting with old acquaintances to share a meal or conversation. This way you can begin to feel your world taking shape again.

But why is it so important to spend time with loved ones?

Connection is an essential part of our lives, and vacations are often a time of deep connection with those we visit or travel with.

Therefore, it's important to maintain a sense of connection when you return to everyday life.

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3. Detox after the vacation

One of the best parts of a trip is the opportunity to try new foods and taste to the last new flavor. When we're on vacation, it's normal not to face the diet.

And if we suffer from re-entry syndrome, we probably also come back we tend to enjoy what we allowed on vacation: Wine, greasy food and desserts of all kinds.

Give it a try A gentle food detox could help you feel better physically and mentally.

When you return from vacation, your body usually craves fruits and vegetables, so give it what it needs.

Take a break from rich and heavy buffets by avoiding takeout and preparing healthy dinners.

Preparing a meal in your own kitchen can really help get us back on track and a healthier eating routine back on track.

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4. Find time to relax

Sometimes it took vacation to recover from vacation. Do not agree?!

That's why when you get back from your trip It's important not to go back to work right away, but on the contrary, find time to relax.

Sure, it's not always possible to find the time or resources to get away from it all, but there are easy ways to recreate the atmosphere of a vacation home.

A hot bath It is a natural relaxant that can also reduce the feeling of loneliness. In addition, various studies show that a short walk in the fresh air it can lift your mood even when you least expect it.

Another tip to recreate the sense of well-being we experience on vacation is to practice mindfulness and do breathing exercises. These exercises can actually help you feel more in control of your life and better balance the rhythm of the day.

5. Frame and share your favorite photos

Back home and rebooted with your usual routine, take some time to look at all the photos you took on vacation.

If you wait too long to review, download and share your travel photos, you take the risk forget the rich details of the trip itself.

So instead of mourning the loss of those breathtaking views, relive your vacation by creating a photo album that reminds you of the best moments and why you love traveling so much.

Choose the most meaningful photos and frame them or share them on social media.

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