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Alicante airport car rental

The car rental area at Alicante airport is very simple and clear. All major car rental companies can be found directly in the arrivals area of the terminal building (level 0).

The following map and photos should help you answer as many important questions as possible from "where to rent a cheap car at Alicante Airport" to "where to pick up my rental car at the airport":


Muhlhausen in Thuringia: Sights, half-timbered houses & Enjoyment

In the last few years I like to travel to small towns and still rather unknown regions in Germany. I have actually developed a special fondness for sweet half-timbered houses. There are perhaps even more of these pitoresque, relaxed and, above all, historic towns in Germany than you might now think.

Real little pearls, which are absolutely worth a visit and which are often (surely quite wrongly) completely unrecognized. Feel like following me once again under the motto #MetropoleKannJeder to a pretty little half-timbered town?


5 tips for a longer stay abroad

Staying abroad is currently very trendy, because it not only allows you to get to know distant countries and cultures, but also to find yourself, further your education and learn new languages.

Those who decide to work and travel can even earn money on the side and thus refinance part of their stay.