Muhlhausen in Thuringia: Sights, half-timbered houses & Enjoyment

In the last few years I like to travel to small towns and still rather unknown regions in Germany. I have actually developed a special fondness for sweet half-timbered houses. There are perhaps even more of these pitoresque, relaxed and, above all, historic towns in Germany than you might now think.

Real little pearls, which are absolutely worth a visit and which are often (surely quite wrongly) completely unrecognized. Feel like following me once again under the motto #MetropoleKannJeder to a pretty little half-timbered town?

Then come with us to Muhlhausen in Thuringia! Perhaps still – oh what I say, quite certainly still a real insider tip!

Muehlhausen in Thuringia

Muhlhausen Thuringia: Places of interest& Worth knowing

For now, I'll reveal a perhaps rather curious incident. Because so that we talk here also together of the correct Muhlhausen in Germany – it is briefly again pointed out that I mean the Muhlhausen in Thuringia.

There are, believe it or not, 29 Muhlhausen in Germany. In Baden Wurttemberg alone there are 10 of them – but in Thuringia there is only one Muhlhausen.

…and exactly in this Muhlhausen I take you now on a small relaxed walk and past all Muhlhausen Thuringia places of interest.

Poppenroeder Source Muehlhausen Thuringia

Why Muhlhausen in Thuringia is definitely worth a visit!

The small town of Muhlhausen is located in the Unstrut-Hainich district – it is also the district capital of the region.

It is not far from Muhlhausen to Eisenach, to the Hainich National Park or even to the neighboring state of Lower Saxony.

Welcome to the center of Germany

The center of Germany is also right there in the Unstrut Hainich district – mind you, a little outside of Muhlhausen, idyllic on a country road, marked with a big stone!

So if you like to cross off superlative destinations in Germany on your itinerary (highest point, lowest point, northernmost or westernmost point, etc.), you're in for a treat.), who should also stop there once..

Muehlhausen in Thuringia

Muhlhausen Thuringia: Once the home of Bach and Muntzer

In the Middle Ages, Muhlhausen in Thuringia was considered a very powerful town. Therefore, the city also has a rich historical heritage. Bach or also Muntzer lived and worked in Muhlhausen. In addition, Muhlhausen was also once a free imperial city.

Have you ever heard the name "Johann August Röbling"?? Mr. Röbling is the designer of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City and he came from Muhlhausen.

Half-timbered idyll behind old city walls

Today live in Muhlhausen about 35.000 people. The historic town center is really very well preserved and the small town looks just wonderfully sleepy and cozy.

The half-timbered houses provide a very special ambience and the combination of small streets, pretty churches, a brewery and the still very well preserved city wall almost seem like a relaxed-dreamy backdrop for a fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm.


Thuringia Muhlhausen: 10 Tips& Discoveries for (d)a short trip

After I have already told you some interesting facts about the town, here is a short summary with tips and recommendations for exploring the town of Mulhouse.

Walk on the city wall

Because during a walk on the city wall many corners of the small historical half-timbered town can be discovered. The view of a city from above opens up a completely new perspective.

A particularly beautiful view of the town, during a walk on the city wall of Muehlhausen, you get, for example, a detour to the tower.

You can find the entrance to the city wall at one of the city gates.

Muehlhausen sights

Leisurely stroll through the half-timbered town

An extensive walk through the small half-timbered town is of course a must to discover all the sights of Muhlhausen.

Whether you make your way through the town on your own or with a guide (e.g., a guide from the top of the town), I'm sure you'll enjoy it.B. with the monk). Whether during the day or why not at night – because then Muhlhausen appears through the soft street lighting once again completely different.

By the way, the historic town center of Muhlhausen is also used from time to time as a backdrop for historic and historical films. So the new Luther film was shot in Muhlhausen some years ago or also passages of the gemstone trilogy "Love goes through all times" have landed in Muhlhausen in the "cast.

Walk through Muehlhausen Thuringia

Magical encounter at the Poppenröder spring

Actually, the Poppenröder Quelle looks more like a very large fountain or perhaps an enchanted well house. The spring is framed by a fairytale-like half-timbered building and so it could also serve as a mystical backdrop for a fairytale film.

This enchanting impression is also underlined by numerous bouquets of flowers floating in the fountain, both on the surface of the water, as well as below the water surface. The bouquets almost give the effect of floating. But they are simply reflected in the crystal clear water of the spring.

All in all a truly enchanted scenario. During my visit to the Poppenröder spring, I would not have been surprised if a small water mermaid had suddenly appeared behind one of the water plants.

By the way, the flower dreams in the water come from bridal couples who go to the spring after the wedding and throw their bouquet into the water or even sink it, weighted down by a stone. This custom is supposed to bring luck to the bride and groom and of course ensure a long and happy marriage.

Poppenroeder spring Muehlhausen

Sights in Thuringia: The center of Germany

Quite lonely, in the middle of nowhere at an inconspicuous country road, in front of the gates of Muhlhausen it lies, the geographical center of Germany.

This is a small square with a tree and a stone. Honestly, it must be said, it doesn't look very special at all and in fact one could almost overlook this place. But you should not. Because exactly here, you are in the center of our country and exactly that one must make oneself here also simply, perhaps also only completely briefly, consciously.

Middle Germany

Church tour through the half-timbered town

Muhlhausen is also called the city of churches. In fact, there are quite a few of them for such a small town. It is interesting to note that all the churches are still in use today, although not necessarily for their original purpose.

A visit in one or the other church is worthwhile in any case, then there are some very beautiful specimens. The Marienkirche is not only the biggest church in Muhlhausen. It also counts as the second largest church in the state of Thuringia. The Divii Blasi church, on the other hand, houses a Bach organ and the St. Jakobi church dates back to as early as 1250 with the construction of a chapel.

But that's not all, in the city there are several other churches, which regularly invite to concerts, exhibitions or as a meeting place. With an appropriate advance notification you may also climb the one or other church tower.

View from the church tower

Sights of Muhlhausen: Town Hall& City archive

Muhlhausen in Thuringia is an extremely guest-friendly town, which even allows its visitors a look into the beautiful historic town hall including archives.

It is important to Muhlhausen that the inhabitants of the town can also identify with the history of the town. Therefore, the doors are opened and young people participate in the important work of the archives (on a voluntary basis, of course). All in all, people like to be involved in the exciting and historical work. While we are waiting on the spot, students have just been busy helping to catalog old books.

City Hall Muehlhausen Archive

Exploring the town by covered wagon or bicycle

A trip with the covered wagon through the historical Muhlhausen or also around it is totally comfortable. The clattering hooves of the horses on the street and on top of the wagon maybe enjoying a cool Muhlhausen beer?!

For those who prefer a more sporty approach, there is of course a possibility to walk around the fountain on one's own legs – e.g. by bike.

A little way out of town along the Unstrut, visit the lion and the spring or take a detour to the swan pond.

Covered wagon tour through Muehlhausen

Visit to the lion

The large stone lion of Mulhouse I have already briefly mentioned. You will find it just outside the city walls, on a small hill.

By the way, the lion is considered the landmark of the city of Muhlhausen. It also looks very similar to its well-known representatives – other famous landmark lions in Germany.

Visit to the lion

Muhlhausen in Thuringia lies directly on the Luther Trail

The Luther Trail is a hiking and pilgrimage trail and this said Luther Trail leads directly past the half-timbered town of Muhlhausen.

Thomas Muntzer worked in Muhlhausen for a long time. He is considered an important player in the Reformation along with Martin Luther.

Muehlhausen offers various guided tours on the theme of Luther or even the Reformation. If you like, you can of course also visit the Luther Trail, hike part of it or take a longer route to follow in the footsteps of history.

Since 2016, the Luther Trail even leads all the way to Bad Langensalza.

Muehlhausen Thuringia Sightseeings Luther Trail

Secret tip for enjoyment: Brauhaus zum Löwen

The Brauhaus zum Löwen in the picturesque-historical town center of Muhlhausen should be on your itinerary along the many "Muhlhausen Thuringen sights" for several reasons.

Brauhaus zum Löwen brews not only its own beer. It is also the home of the still only brewery in the Unstrut-Hainich district.

Behind the historic walls you can not only drink beer, but also look over the brewmaster's shoulder while he is brewing. Depending on the season, there are also special seasonal beers available, such as.B. Raspberry beer or plum beer. These special varieties are also not mixed beer drinks, as many guests mistakenly assume. The special taste experience actually includes pure beer brews.

Under the brewery you will find a rustic vaulted cellar, which can also be rented for special events.

Otherwise, of course, take a seat in the restaurant area with a view of the brewing kettles. If you want to go straight to bed after enjoying the beer (which can happen), you can book a room directly in the brewery. Because a hotel is directly attached to the Brauhaus zum Löwen.

Brauhaus zum Loewen


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