Emigrating to Mallorca: Tips and jobs for emigrants

Every year four million tourists from Germany alone land in Palma de Mallorca. And they all want to be fed, entertained and cooked for. For island lovers there are opportunities to earn money in their wake and work in Mallorca – but by no means only in the tourism industry! So if you have always dreamed of the Balearic Island, please translate here. We have a few suggestions for Mallorca fans.

Emigrating to Mallorca: Tips and jobs for emigrants

Mallorca: Dream Destination?

Even in paradise, the apples sometimes hang high. For DSDS bard Menderes, for example, the episode Mallorca is over for the time being. After five years, the weird Troubadix is no longer allowed to perform at the Megapark, according to Bild report. And Daniela Katzenberger's cafe is also closing its doors, according to Bild research.

Building up an existence in Mallorca – that seems to be a bit more difficult than drinking sangria from a straw. For many cold weather Europeans from Sweden to Austria it still remains a dream. After all, there are enough advantages: sun, beach, sea, paella, sangria, fiesta.

The island economy is clearly dominated by tourism. The vast majority of employment opportunities are in bed castles and schnitzel houses, behind DJ desks and cooking pots. But not only!

We have a few suggestions and tell you everything you need to know about finding a job in Mallorca.

Emigrating to Mallorca: Where to find jobs?

Stop by the cafe during the vacations and just ask for a job – you can do that. You can also systematically job hunt from home.

Open positions can be found for example at the following providers in the net. Note: Please pay attention to the seriousness of the respective advertiser ..

  • Inselradio Jobborse: Online job market of the island radio Mallorca for IT, office, gastronomy, tourism and handicraft professions : Classified ads, mainly aimed at temporary workers, e.g. Nannies, housekeepers, kitchen and service staff, craftsmen for one-time jobs : Official job board of the municipal recruitment agency (website only Spanish/Catalan)

Tourism: 8 jobs on Mallorca


Especially in luxury hotels trained butlers serve the guests. In Mallorca, they are in short supply because the relevant training does not exist either at the Tourism College (Escuela Universitaria de Turismo de Baleares) or on the Spanish mainland. Since at the moment new luxury hotels are being built on the island, there are many opportunities here.

Ticket seller

For night owls, the party strongholds El Arenal and Cala Rajada are not only suitable for partying, but also for jobs. Ticket sellers, promoters, service staff – and of course singing stars – are regularly sought after.

Call Center Agent

In the capital Palma some call centers have settled in the last years. Older employees up to 60 and low-skilled workers also have opportunities here. With a fixed gross wage of ca. 1.200 Euro can be expected from frequent callers. Spanish is usually not necessary, since mainly for German customers is worked.

Mechatronics technician for refrigeration

With so many hotels and yachts, the need for air conditioning and modern air conditioning technology is great. Who has learned in Germany mechatronics for refrigeration or heating engineer, holds good cards in the hand. Given the oppressive temperatures, a certain resilience is required.


In the wake of the luxury hotels, a large beauty industry has also grown up, offering numerous jobs. Trained masseurs and physiotherapists have good opportunities with appropriate work experience and language skills. Jobs are also available for beauticians, entertainers, wellness lounge managers, spa managers or yoga instructors.

Office Manager

As Office Manager you organize, coordinate, communicate. Commercial training is a good basis, and many modern secretaries even have a degree on their resume.

Swimming instructor

Numerous hotels cooperate with swimming schools on Mallorca. Here swimming instructors for children and adults find employment. Minimum requirement: The German lifeguard badge in silver.

Without gastronomy Mallorca is not Mallorca. Seasonal workers flock here from all over Europe to spend the summer working on the island. When the season starts, there is an increased demand for catering staff, for example cooks, bartenders, dishwashers and waiters.

Mallorca: These companies are looking for employees

The small, authentic store in the side alley of Palma – that exists. Who there is in Mallorca but now also: Discounter Lidl, DIY store Bauhaus, furniture discounter Ikea, supermarket titan Carrefour, electronics temple Media Markt.

The big chains have long spread on the island, not only the hotel giants and car rental companies. They are all aimed at the tourist public of Mallorca, but they also need employees. You?

Many of the multinationals were also present at the recent job fair of the municipal employment agency Palma Activa, which took place in early March 2017 in the Palma Arena. A total of 54 companies have presented themselves there.

These companies are currently looking for employees in Mallorca. So feel free to look for appropriate job ads or think about a speculative application ..

  • Pinero Group
  • OK Group
  • Amadip Esment Fundacio
  • Lidl
  • Leroy MerlIn
  • Communication Center Espana 24
  • Europcar
  • Bauhaus
  • Esports 85
  • Lúdic Serveis Integrats
  • Palma Aquarium
  • Ola Hotels
  • IKEA
  • MD Medicus Medical Service Balear
  • Eroski
  • Logitravel
  • Unipost
  • Hiper Rent a Car
  • Media Markt Fan Mallorca
  • Puro Group
  • MeliA Hotels
  • Angel 24
  • Virtual Think Comunicacio.
  • Fiesta Consulting
  • Bricomart
  • Grupo Cappuccino
  • TUI
  • Hotetec Accomodation
  • SOM Hotels
  • Dome Consulting
  • Sampol IngenierIa y Obras.
  • Prosegur
  • BCN Languages
  • Alua Hotels& Resorts
  • Brillosa
  • Grupo Cursach
  • SIXT Rent a Car
  • Roig Obres, Serveis i Medi Ambient
  • Pure Salt Luxury Hotels
  • Hundred Rooms
  • MAC Hotels
  • Red Assistencial Juaneda
  • Allsun Hotels
  • Carrefour
  • Norauto
  • On the Rocks Events
  • Tast
  • Fundacio per a la Formacio i la Recerca
  • Iberservice
  • Habitissimo
  • Nartha Serveis
  • Hilton

Mallorca: Jobs in startups

No, Mallorca is not London, Berlin or San Francisco. Yes, you could still call Mallorca a (small) startup hotspot. Here's how Crunchbase lists.com about more than 50 startups based on the island.

Among them are software companies, games developers, biotech startups, fintechs and social networks. Foodfriends, for instance, is a dating app where foodies can get to know each other over a shared meal. The foodie app was founded by German expats, like many other startups in Mallorca by the way.

These include small business platform Ezebee, real estate marketplace Casafari and business travel agency 1ClickTrips. The Dusseldorf hotel metasearch engine Trivago also has its Spanish branch in Palma.

Jobs in the startup industry are available in Mallorca for example for:

Apparently the problem is even acute. "The situation is dramatic," quotes local Mallorca newspaper Xavi Gil, managing director of a company that provides online accounting services.

Many companies – not just startups – could grow faster if there wasn't a shortage of skilled workers everywhere on Mallorca. For example, many high-tech professions are emerging in the Parcbit business park north of Palma, which is mainly home to IT, consulting and marketing companies.

That these jobs promise a higher income than the jobs in the Majorcan tourism industry almost goes without saying. "Beginners often earn with us with 22.000 euros net a year is already more than the average for most tourism employees," Gil told Mallorca Zeitung. But whether good developers are happy with it?

The salary example also shows: The salary level on Mallorca – beach or not, sun or not – can by far not keep up with that of the Western European metropolises.

Working on time: Coworking Spaces on Mallorca

To Mallorca for a season or for good – why not for a few weeks?? Coworking spaces make it possible. There are dozens of them on the island.

This gives especially freelancers the possibility to move their office temporarily to the Balearic island. Here are four coworking spaces:

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