Dominican Republic – vacation in a tropical paradise

National parks and coral reefs, deceleration on snow-white beaches and warm weather all year round – here the soul can dangle for a good while. The destination between the Caribbean and the North Atlantic is a real tip for tourists, both in terms of scenery and cuisine. It is possible that the joie de vivre of the hospitable Dominicans will remain with the guests for a long time after the vacation.

Tips for excursions and activities

Excursions in the Dominican Republic lead to true pearls of the country. Cultural highlights include a visit to the old town of Santo Domingo or the artists' village of Altos de Chavon. Historically exciting are the ruins of La Isabela, mystical the cave system of the "Three Eyes" Los Tres Ojos. Nature lovers should travel between New Year's Eve and March to the Dominican Republic, especially to the coasts of the Samana Peninsula.

Humpback whales can be seen there mating and breeding on boat tours or from the beach. Active vacationers unfortunately have to choose certain activities when vacationing in the Dominican Republic. Because during a normal long vacation it is simply not possible to take advantage of all the offers.

Golfing and sailing, mountain bike tours (also without a guide) and hiking trails, surfing, kite surfing or windsurfing are offered. Of course, snorkeling and scuba diving are also almost indispensable for a complete Dom Rep experience. Because the colorful coral reefs show a paradise under water like few other places on earth.

Things to know about the Dominicans and their sunny republic

French, Spanish, Americans – all wanted to own the paradise of the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately, today's guests do not encounter any original Tainos anymore because of these colonial desires. But today's Haitian and rural residents show the same friendliness to guests of the country on a vacation to the Dominican Republic. Upon arrival, it almost feels as if guests in the countryside are celebrated by today's locals, just as they are in the city.

But the Dominicans also celebrate themselves, the vast landscapes, the sea and the music. Therefore, popular travel souvenirs often include CDs with bachata sounds or sensual merengue, or colorful pictures in the style of naive painting. Handicrafts, rum and cigar trade are among the deep-rooted traditions of the Dominican Republic.

Insider tips for culinary and sightseeing attractions

Basics of the former food culture of the Tainos are dishes with goat meat, beef or poultry. Those of the locals who entertain foreign guests like to present them with their home recipe of a locrio (comparable to meat dishes and risotto as a side dish). Casabe (cassava patties) are served for snacking and as an addition to a menu. When meat, fish and side dishes finally stop tasting exciting, a mangu made with plantains sweetly rounds out the vacation menu.

By the way, no vacationer has to explore the Dominican Republic in a group. Individual travelers can book local buses, minibuses or cabs and go on their own in search of scenery, sensations and tranquility.


Vacationing in the Dominican Republic is like taking time off by the sea. Sugar beaches and year-round warm bathing water, lots of history and hospitality offer mainland, peninsulas and islands. Even nature lovers in search of peace and quiet will get their money's worth with whale watching from the coast or on boat trips.

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