Danube Region Upper Austria: A Day of Walking, Pleasure & Deceleration

Where nature is present and not constricted, it is at its best. The Danube region is such a corner, where you feel as if man had not interfered with the natural cycle and course of nature.

Upper Austria is the perfect region for active vacationers or those who simply want to unwind. Next to wild orchards, dense forests and the constant contact with the lifeline, the Danube, one feels again aware of what nature can achieve.

Tourism here in the Danube Region is not so strong. Many travel the Danube Cycle Path along the Danube and have a relaxing vacation. Whether in winter or in summer, here it is always beautiful.

Danube Region Upper Austria: culinary discoveries& Deceleration

Danube Region Upper Austria View of Danube River

During my last visit to Austria I made a detour to the Danube region on the Danube and could by far not see and experience everything the region has to offer. My focus was on enjoyment and culinary discoveries. Even though my visit was short, I felt right at home and even slowed down a bit at the end of the day.

Understanding nature and animals – Visit to an organic mountain farm

Theklasien in Haibach ob der Donau

I think that the word permaculture is not known to most people. This is, in simple terms, a recreation of natural landscapes with edible fruits, nuts and vegetables with enough space for birds, animals and plants. All this together with the human being – a kind of life community.

I visit Theklasien, an organic mountain farm at 413 meters and a place that can not be more idyllic. Thekla Raffezeder lives here together with her employees – sheep, chickens and her 2 cats. In between there are always interns or people who want to learn the concept of permaculture.

Daylily in Theclasia

With Thekla I make an extensive walk by the garden and the different levels. She explains me different plants and herbs and even presents me some real rarities. Among them is the daylily, which actually blooms only on a single day.

Thekla knows what she is talking about, because besides various certifications she is also an academic expert for wild herbs and medicinal plants as well as a medicinal herb practitioner.

Thekla of Theklasien

She shares her passion for plants with school children and of course with interested visitors. In addition, she strives for the concept of self-sufficiency and can already cover this with the yield of her farm in the Danube region for the most part.


Organic farm wild herbs& Fruit workshop
Hinterberg 6, 4083 Haibach ob der Donau

Rural idyll and excellent food in the Danube region

Beef soup with frittatas

Of course I must try some Austrian specialties in the Danube region. During a stopover in Haibach ob der Donau I visit the restaurant Hoamat – and here I really feel at home.

In the restaurant they still use recipes from grandma's cookbook. Traditional cuisine in a modern ambience. Simply to feel good! In addition, almost everything is sourced from regional producers, which further emphasizes the sense of home that is conveyed here.

Tafelspitz with Semmelkren and creamed spinach

I try a beef soup with frittatas. These are pancakes that are served as a soup garnish. In addition there is a very fine Tafelspitz with Semmelkren which surprises me. Normally I know the Tafelspitz classically with a horseradish sauce.

Apricot dumplings with compote

The Semmelkren is also prepared with horseradish (Kren). However, this is more like a kind of puree of bread dumplings and horseradish. Very tasty and perfect with Tafelspitz. By the way, about this one I learned that you have to eat the fat edge as well. That I have spurned until now. But in combination with the Semmelkren it is a real taste explosion.

For dessert there is something I have been looking forward to all along – apricot potato dumplings. These are dumplings stuffed with apricots (apricots). The dough consists of curd cheese and fine semolina. Dreamlike delicious but very powerful. Attention addictive!


Restaurant Hoamat
Hinterberg 9, 4083 Haibach ob der Donau

Liquid cultural asset – Award-winning must from the Danube valley

The must culture in Austria is complex and can be traced back a long time. The must has its origin not as a drink for gourmets, but as a drink of the field workers. Must is a pressed fruit juice that develops a slight alcohol content through fermentation. Often cider is made from apples or pears.

In Obermuhl I visit the Doautaler Mostkellerei, which is also located directly on the Danube. Here the certified must sommelier Erich Aumuller creates various liquid delicacies, which have nothing to do with the dusty image of a beverage for workers. In addition to award-winning top quality musts, it also produces special fruit juice. This is free of additives and very special in taste.

Danube region Upper Austria meadow orchard

The fruit for his musts comes from nearby orchards of the Danube region and he takes special care to cultivate old varieties of pears and apples. This of course gives the must an unmistakable taste. I taste my way through the assortment and get an explanation of how the process of must production works. By the way, my favorite was a pear cider from the Winawitz pear!

The owner is especially proud of the old must press, which stands in front of the winery. This airplane is almost 200 years old and technically still in working order. Here one recognizes the passion for the must completely particularly.


Donautaler Mostkellerei
Grafenau 14, 4131 Obermuhl

Schlogener Schlinge – The most breathtaking view in the Danube region

Danube region Upper Austria Schlogener loop

The Schlogener Schlinge is a fascinating natural spectacle, which was not for nothing chosen as the "natural wonder of Upper Austria". The Danube makes a 180° turn here and meanders through the green and fertile nature. This place has been a place of wonder for over 2000 years, because in the past the Romans built a naval base here.

At the lower part of the Donauschlinge is the Hotel Donauschlinge, to which is also a restaurant connected. Here, with a glass of wine, you can watch the maneuvers of the ships on the Danube, which make their way through the Danube loop.

But also from above the Donauschlinge is more than impressive. I can recommend a visit to the Schlogener Blick, also in Haibach ob der Donau. Here you can see the impressive natural spectacle from above. Fantastically beautiful and a place you can't get enough of.

Danube Region Upper Austria Schlogener Schlinge

The Schlogener Schlinge is a hiking trail that stretches 450 kilometers from Passau to Grein. You can reach the Schlogner Blick from the parking lot with a short hike in approx. 15 minutes. The Danube Cycle Path also passes here.


Hotel Donauschlinge
Schlogen 2, 4083 Haibach ob der Donau

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This article was created in cooperation with the Danube Region in Upper Austria. My opinion is, as always, not influenced by this. I only report on places and things that I can really recommend from the heart. The presented restaurants and sights belong to it.

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