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The own cell phone in Australia (engl. mobile phone) or to take your smartphone with you on vacation is becoming more and more popular among travelers. Of course, such a mobile phone offers a lot of advantages. However, one must not forget that the reception of the red continent is limited in certain regions. If you are in large cities, this is of course no problem. In the Australian outback, however, the situation is quite different. Nevertheless, we would now like to list what to pay attention to when calling with a cell phone or smartphone in Australia and how to get away with it most cheaply.

Current contracts

It is definitely not advisable to take your cell phone with the current contract to Australia, because it will be much more expensive for the caller as well as for the called party than with an Australian prepaid card or an Australian contract. A contract is only worthwhile if you stay down under for a year or more and make a lot of domestic calls. Whether you can put your current contract on hold for a certain period of time is entirely up to the provider. So there is nothing left to do but to inquire with the contracting party and hope that you can do this without much cost or effort.

Australian prepaid cards

If you don't want to do without your smartphone or cell phone during your trip, you can simply exchange your German SIM card for an Australian prepaid card. These can be bought in any specialized trade. Prerequisite for this is that the phone has no Sim-Lock. If it should be the case, it is advisable to buy a "cheap cell phone" for on the way. If you decide to buy a cell phone in Australia, you can choose the relatively cheap models, which already include a prepaid card. The disadvantage of buying a prepaid SIM card in Australia is that you first have to muddle through the entire offer to find the most suitable product.

The best known providers of prepaid cards are Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile, whereby Telstra is the market leader and therefore offers the best coverage (see: Telstra State Coverage Map). Furthermore, Lebara is recommended for overseas calls, because you can call home very cheaply and without connection fees and also has a decent network coverage. Where exactly the network is, you can check at GSM World (enter country and look under Coverage Map). Otherwise, the providers just mentioned do not take each other much. The rates are often comparable and the effort after the research is not very high. You go to a store, buy a card, get it activated and you can make calls. Nevertheless, you should always read the corresponding conditions, because the credit is often time-bound and therefore expires after a certain time.

Recommendation: Cheap prepaid SIM cards for cell phones & smartphone

In order to minimize the research work, to facilitate the decision making and to save the valuable time on the spot, we offer through our German speaking partner in Australia very good value prepaid SIM cards as well as convenient SIM packages, which can be ordered already from home. Furthermore, a very good WiFi box as well as an extremely practical WiFi plug are available to have WLAN everywhere and at any time when traveling – even via a cigarette lighter in the car or campervan. If you are interested in these products, you should definitely take a closer look at our overview in the following article:

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