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Barcelona vacation 2021

On 9. May, the state of alert due to the health crisis in Spain was lifted and it feels like everything is back to the way it used to be. Stores, restaurants and bars have reopened, although many fell by the wayside during the long lock-down and subsequent restrictions. Tourists are also making a tentative comeback. But many people are still uncertain about what to expect in Barcelona.

This post is to help you get an idea of what it's like in the Catalan capital at the moment and whether it's safe to travel to Barcelona.

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Pokhara : My top tips for sightseeing & Activities

Pokhara is the second largest city in Nepal and is geographically located like the "navel of Nepal" pretty much in the middle of the country. While the Annapurna massif with a total of three 8000m peaks – the Annapurna, the Manaslu and the Dhaulagiri – can be seen imposingly from viewpoints in the distance, Pokhara itself is only at an altitude of 930m. Most impressively the holy and "only" 6997m high Machapuchare, also called Fishtail, towers over the city, which I remember as the most modern tourist hotspot by Nepalese standards.

Pokhara is because of its central location the starting point for numerous trekking tours and a recreational paradise for the time afterwards. Hardly anyone who visits Nepal does not come here.

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Port Elizabeth – more than just a stopover

You are planning a trip to South Africa and you have a stopover in Port Elizabeth? Maybe you spend a night there to drive to the Addo National Park the next day. Or for some reason you are staying in the city for several days and you are now wondering what to see in Port Elizabeth. If you don't have much time and want to check off the most important points, we recommend you read through our blogpost on the top 10 things to do in Port Elizabeth. But if you're a little more interested in the city and possibly want to get involved with Port Elizabeth for a longer period of time like we did, here's a little overview of the main neighborhoods and recommendations.

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All About Asia Miles Transfer Partners

Have you accumulated lots of Asia Miles and are wondering how and where you can transfer them for better deals? There are many Asia Miles transfer partners that can offer you value for your mileage. However, finding the best deal from the long list of transfer partners can be lengthy and time-consuming.

For a faster and more convenient process, try DoNotPay. We can help you scan your Asia Miles and guide you on the best deals from any of their partners. But if you would like to make the transfer yourself, you will find a helpful list of all the Asia Miles transfer partners so you can get the best bang for your buck.

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Vacation memories – tips for a short vacation in your own 4 walls

After my travels there is always one thing on my checklist: Preserve vacation memories. As we all know, the trips are always over much too quickly. Most of the time you just arrive in the place and you feel like you are already on the plane back home.

Not seldom to the cold, uncomfortable and rainy Germany. And right there, I start to plan the next vacation again. But even if I change the place, the feeling of my travels stays in my heart. In the form of vacation memories in my apartment!

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Best time to visit Savannah, Georgia, all year round

Savannah is a unique tourist destination. Summertime draws crowds because of school breaks: It also sees high room rates and almost unbearable heat and humidity, which can make it uncomfortable for visitors moving from one attraction to the next. The winter months of January and February are low season – at this time you will see a drop in temperatures and a drop in room rates. Fall from mid-September to mid-November is a good time to visit Savannah, when it's not crowded and room rates are reasonable. But the best time to visit Savannah is spring from March to June – this time of year is similar to fall, but with the added attraction of blooming flowers. Photo: Melpomene / Fotolia

Savannah, Georgia weather and temperature per month

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What you can do in Dublin for less than €20

Look for a comparably energetic and dynamic place anywhere in the world – you won't find one that can hold a candle to Dublin! The Republic of Ireland is proud of its capital, which is unsurpassed in attractions and sights. There's an exuberance of activity here – with an undeniable penchant for balancing it out by taking a deep breath.

We have asked our friends at iStudy International Dublin for tips on how to make your stay in Dublin as affordable as possible. Here they advise what to do in Dublin on a budget:

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Cell phone Australia: Smartphone, contracts, prepaid & Co – Tips

cell phone

The own cell phone in Australia (engl. mobile phone) or to take your smartphone with you on vacation is becoming more and more popular among travelers. Of course, such a mobile phone offers a lot of advantages. However, one must not forget that the reception of the red continent is limited in certain regions. If you are in large cities, this is of course no problem. In the Australian outback, however, the situation is quite different. Nevertheless, we would now like to list what to pay attention to when calling with a cell phone or smartphone in Australia and how to get away with it most cheaply.