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The 10 best New York Insider Tips

New York is without a doubt one of the most popular cities in the world – and for good reason! It is not only the personification of the "American Dream", but also offers a unique atmosphere, fantastic sights and plenty of culinary highlights.

If you're heading to New York soon, there's a lot for you to discover – a lot!!

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Australia’s East Coast: Our Tips for Brisbane

A domestic flight from Perth to Brisbane takes 4.5 hours. This shows once again how huge Australia is. For us it was definitely the right decision not to drive the whole way by car, but to fly to the east coast.

Brisbane is located in Queensland and is 2 hours ahead of Perth (currently 9 hours ahead of Germany). We stayed there once again in an Airbnb apartment – and in the hilly Red Hill district (approx. 20 minutes and 30 AUS dollars with an Uber from the airport).

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Travel Tip: The Financial District | New York

The Financial District was one of the places I kept coming back to during my time in New York. The combination of tall office buildings, the great view in Battery Park and of course the shopping possibilities fascinated me already in 2014 during my first visit – and that's exactly why it's urgently time for a post of my own!

On my first visit to New York, our hotel was located directly in the Financial District – and maybe that's the reason why I like this area so much. But even when I lived in Brooklyn and worked in Midtown, I was often drawn here after work or on weekends. Not only to Battery Park, where I could enjoy the view of the Statue of Liberty – a sight that always made me realize how lucky I am to live in New York. But also for shopping, eating or just walking through the streets.

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Freiburger Streifzuge – 10 tips for a city trip in the summer

A summer city trip to Freiburg im Breisgau: Freiburg tips for discovery tours, quiet corners and fantastic views.

Freiburg in summer: ideal for a city trip

Freiburg is one of the warmest cities in Germany, boasting a whopping 1700 hours of sunshine per year. Of course, Freiburg is worth a visit at any time of the year, but especially in summer the university city unfolds its charm, which has so far won everyone over. For several reasons: Freiburg celebrated its city anniversary last year and became 900 years young . Freiburg is home to over 230.000 inhabitants a big city, but it doesn't feel like one. And Freiburg is so wonderfully green, on every possible level. My tips for a relaxing summer day for Freiburg im Breisgau – with tips for refreshing and cooling off!

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Vacation memories – tips for a short vacation in your own 4 walls

After my travels there is always one thing on my checklist: Preserve vacation memories. As we all know, the trips are always over much too quickly. Most of the time you just arrive in the place and you feel like you are already on the plane back home.

Not seldom to the cold, uncomfortable and rainy Germany. And right there, I start to plan the next vacation again. But even if I change the place, the feeling of my travels stays in my heart. In the form of vacation memories in my apartment!

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Spinach risotto with goat cheese by Jamie Oliver

A delicious risotto is one of the best comfort foods for me. Not everyone likes the sloppy and creamy texture, but those who do will love this recipe. Promise.

I like to prepare risotto in different ways. Quite classic, with butter and a good portion of fresh grated parmesan, with fresh mushrooms, or as in this version an Italian spinach risotto with goat cheese. This is Italy on your plate!

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Best time to visit Savannah, Georgia, all year round

Savannah is a unique tourist destination. Summertime draws crowds because of school breaks: It also sees high room rates and almost unbearable heat and humidity, which can make it uncomfortable for visitors moving from one attraction to the next. The winter months of January and February are low season – at this time you will see a drop in temperatures and a drop in room rates. Fall from mid-September to mid-November is a good time to visit Savannah, when it's not crowded and room rates are reasonable. But the best time to visit Savannah is spring from March to June – this time of year is similar to fall, but with the added attraction of blooming flowers. Photo: Melpomene / Fotolia

Savannah, Georgia weather and temperature per month

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What to see in Vienna? – all top tips at a glance

You are planning a trip to Vienna and you ask yourself: What to see in Vienna? Hardly any other city is so interspersed with magnificent buildings and traditions. The historic center of Vienna, makes every passerby's heart beat faster. So how about a classic "let your soul soar" day in Austria's capital city?

What to see in Vienna?

Accommodation in Vienna – Cheap& Central

If you are looking for a suitable, cheap and yet clean accommodation, I can recommend the A&O Hostel Wien Hauptbahnhof. The hostel also has double rooms with private bathrooms, is very centrally located and is the perfect starting point for your trip. Clear recommendation from me!