Best time to visit Thailand: 5 tips for your vacation

Best time to travel to Thailand

Sun, summer temperatures and relaxation – the Asian vacation paradise Thailand is the epitome of a dream vacation. Also those who want to hike and enjoy lonely nature will find what they are looking for in Northern Thailand. But when is the best time to travel to Thailand?? When to experience the country at its best? In this article you will find information and tips about the climate and weather of the country.

What to expect in this article

Best time to travel in Thailand

Rock formations Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

Whoever goes on vacation to Thailand can expect dreamlike beaches, an exciting culture and pulsating cities. The best time to travel to Thailand in general is the dry season from December to February. During this time it is sunny and the temperatures are pleasantly warm with about 25°C. At night it cools down to 10°C.

You can divide the climatic conditions in Thailand into 3 phases:

  1. The dry, cool phase: end of Nov. – Feb.
  2. The hot& sultry phase: March – May (temperatures up to 40°C)
  3. The rainy season: May – October

Best travel time for Thailand: Dry season from Dec. until Feb.

When is the best time for you to travel to Thailand also depends on which regions you want to visit and what you want to experience. Here is a small overview:

The rainy season in Thailand starts in May and lasts until October. It is characterized by up to 24 rainy days per month. Most of the time there are only short, heavy showers. During this time there is also high humidity. Generally it rains more in the south than in the north.

Reason for the regionally very different conditions are the monsoon winds. From May to October the weather is determined by the southwest monsoon. This brings hot and humid air and many clouds from the Indian Ocean. From November, the northeast monsoon from China blows dry air into the country and heralds the optimal travel time.

Rainy season in Thailand: May – October

Tips for March/April in Thailand:

In the transition months it is very humid, rainfall increases and temperatures rise. During this time, travel to the north of Thailand is not recommended. But at the beginning of the rainy season you can often travel very well through the south of the country and go for example on an island hopping tour in the Gulf of Thailand and in the Andaman Sea.

Tips for May/June/July/August:

In these months there is the most precipitation. Partly it can come to continuous rain and even floods. Nevertheless, travel to Thailand is definitely possible even during this period.

Tips for September/October:

At the end of the rainy season, from the end of September, the rainfall in Thailand decreases again. October is in many regions (but not all) the most!) is the transition to the high season. Especially in northern Thailand, the weather is often good during this time and you can travel to the north of Thailand. B. enjoy the surroundings of Chiang Mai or Pai.

Attention: Pay attention to which region you want to travel to. In southern regions, October is sometimes only the peak of the regional rainy season!

Is a trip to Thailand in the rainy season worthwhile??
Definitely! Since there are usually only short, heavy showers, you can still enjoy warm temperatures and sunshine. Especially towards the end of the rainy season, in the months of September and October, you can often have great luck with the weather throughout Thailand. Then you will not only experience the beautiful blooming landscape, but also benefit from the lower prices of the low season.

climate& Weather in Bangkok

Many Thailand tours start in the capital Bangkok. Generally it is recommended to plan 2 to 3 days in Bangkok, to visit the magnificent temples and to make a day trip, e.g. to the city of Bangkok. B. to Ayutthaya before you start your Thailand round trip or travel on to other regions.

In Bangkok, as in the rest of Thailand, there is a tropical climate. Hottest month is April with temperatures up to 35°C. From May to October, of course, the rainy season is also here and makes for sultry conditions. The skyscrapers, between which the air including exhaust fumes of the numerous motorcycles and cars jam, do not make it better. Therefore breathing masks are often worn.

From November onwards there are less rainy days and it is not so humid anymore. Nevertheless, the temperatures are usually still above the 30 ° C mark. It becomes pleasant in December with daytime temperatures between 30 and 32 degrees and an average of one rainy day.

Best time to visit Bangkok: Nov. – Feb. / March

Tip: Despite high temperatures, always take a sweater with you. The buildings are often strongly air-conditioned. This not only makes you freeze quickly, the constant change also has a negative effect on your well-being.

Best time to visit Central Thailand

Buddha statues in Ayutthaya, Thailand

In central Thailand there are the cities of Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Chanthaburi, Kanchanaburi and Pattaya as well as some islands. The best known of these are probably Koh Chang and Ko Kut. A small insider tip of the region is the dreamlike island Koh Mak!

As for Bangkok, the best time to travel is between November and February / March, when Thailand has a dry winter. The summer from March to May is hot and humid and between June and October is the rainy season. The climatic conditions are quite similar to those in the north of the country, but there are fewer hours of sunshine per day.

Best time to travel in central Thailand: Nov. – Feb. / March

Best time to travel in Northern Thailand

Mountain landscape Chiang Mai, Thailand

The north of Thailand with the regions Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Pai, as well as the area in the northeast around Udon Thani, is known for its national parks and numerous hiking possibilities.

In the rainy season between June and October there is a strong southwest monsoon, which provides daily rainfall. However, these often last only a few hours (downpours) or fall mainly at night. With a few restrictions, e.g. muddy trekking trails, you can still visit the region well in the rainy season and benefit from the lower prices of the low season and fewer tourists. Especially towards the end of the rainy season the weather is often very good.

The best time to travel is also in northern Thailand in the dry season from November to February. Little rainfall, about one rainy day per month, and daytime temperatures around 28°C are perfect. At night the temperature drops to an average of 14 °C, so be sure to pack a jacket.

Dry, but also extremely hot, is the summer from March to May in northern Thailand. 35°C and dense smog caused by slash-and-burn agriculture in many cities like Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai, make this time rather less suitable for a trip.

Best time to travel in Northern Thailand: Nov. – Feb.

Tip: Airy clothes are sufficient for all parts of the country except the north, where it can get very cold at night. Therefore it is better to pack a warmer sweater or jacket.

Best time to travel to Thailand's southern islands

Dream beach near the island Koh Lipe

To soak up the sun and enjoy the summer, this is the focus of almost all Thailand trips. The many islands in the south of Thailand like Phuket or Koh Samui are therefore a popular travel destination. Thailand's south is almost the whole year over well bereisbar. There is a tropical monsoon climate, it is hot all year round with over 30°C. As usual for the tropics, there can be short, heavy rain showers of a few minutes to rarely more than an hour all year round.

Since there are no strong temperature fluctuations and also no months in which it rains hardly or not at all, one does not actually distinguish any more between the individual seasons in the south. However, there are a few differences between southeast and southwest Thailand, as the rainy days shift slightly.

Best time to travel to Southern Thailand: Nov. – March, where the weather can fluctuate on the different islands.

Ready for Thailand?

The word diversity perfectly describes the Southeast Asian country Thailand. Not only in terms of culture and cuisine, but also the climate in Thailand with its three seasons is diverse. Generally, the best time to travel is during the dry season from December to February. Depending on the region, however, other months are also well suited for a trip to Thailand.

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