Berlin is always worth a trip – 5 sightseeing tips

The federal capital Berlin with its enormous number of sights attracts millions of tourists and visitors year after year. Like hardly any other German city, it combines spectacular buildings, interesting museums and a lively way of life. No matter if you spend only one day or a whole week in Berlin or if you travel with children or alone to the capital, it will not be boring in the city on the Spree.

The Brandenburg Gate – symbol of reunification

The most famous and most photographed building in Berlin is certainly the Brandenburg Gate. It has experienced a very lively history in the more than 200 years of its existence. The Quadriga gives the Triumphtor with its five arches its distinctive appearance. The Brandenburg Gate, because of its position between the eastern and western parts of the city, also became a symbol of reunification and is at the top of the list of to-dos in Berlin for any visitor to Berlin.

The Reichstag and the government district

From Pariser Platz, where the Brandenburg Gate stands, other Berlin sights are within walking distance. So it is e.g. Just a short walk over to the Reichstag, which has been the seat of the German Bundestag since 1999. In 1995, the building was completely covered by the famous artist Christo in a spectacular action. Around the Reichstag in the government district are numerous other important buildings with political significance, such as e.g. the Federal Chancellery.

A walk under the linden trees

If you walk from the Brandenburg Gate towards the east, you will first pass the historic Hotel Adlon, where many politicians, rulers and celebrities have spent the night. Passing the Adlon, you reach Berlin's famous boulevard "Unter den Linden", which leads over 1.5 kilometers through the former east of Berlin to Alexanderplatz.

Visible from afar at Alexanderplatz is the TV Tower, which at 368 meters high is the tallest building in Germany. With an elevator you can go up to the tower and enjoy a breathtaking view over the capital from there.

The Memorial Church – an ensemble with profile

The second Berlin street of world renown is the Kurfurstendamm, affectionately abbreviated only "Ku'damm". It is located in the former western part of Berlin. At the eastern end of this shopping mile is located at Breitscheidplatz with the Memorial Church another building with great historical significance. The bell tower of the building was destroyed during the 2. The Reichstag was largely destroyed during World War II and still stands as a fragment in the sky today.

Between 1959 and 1961, the two modern buildings of the Memorial Church were built next to it. Not far from the church is the KdW (department store of the West) as Berlin's largest consumer temple. A visit there may likewise be missing in no program of a Berlin attendance.

Living history at the Wall

Very impressive is also a stop at the Eastside Gallery. This ca. 1 kilometer long section is designed as an open-air museum and confronts visitors with a remnant of the Berlin Wall, which for decades stood for the division of the city and thus also the division of Europe.

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