Australia’s East Coast: Our Tips for Brisbane

A domestic flight from Perth to Brisbane takes 4.5 hours. This shows once again how huge Australia is. For us it was definitely the right decision not to drive the whole way by car, but to fly to the east coast.

Brisbane is located in Queensland and is 2 hours ahead of Perth (currently 9 hours ahead of Germany). We stayed there once again in an Airbnb apartment – and in the hilly Red Hill district (approx. 20 minutes and 30 AUS dollars with an Uber from the airport).

House style in the Red Hill district

1. To-Do: get the goCard

If you don't have a car like we did, the first thing you should do is get a goCard for public transport, because single rides in Brisbane are expensive. The first 15 minute bus ride from Paddington to the city center cost us 5.60 AUS dollars – with the goCard only 3.93 AUS dollars. We paid 10 AUS dollars for the card, but we got it back in the end, along with the remaining balance.

In the city center – as in Perth – there are free buses and even a free ferry. A river winds its way through Brisbane, further enhancing the very green cityscape.

Wild lizards and pythons

You can take the ferry to Thornton Street, for example, and then walk along the river towards the city – or even to the Queensland Museum (it's free). Anyway, we did that and saw many funny lizards on the way.

In Germany we spend money to see such animals in the zoo and here they are just running around freely. It's the same with parrots or even these funny birds that are easy to find in the middle of the city🙂 .

Bird in the CBD Free ferry

kangaroo_point_park_brisbane_travel2eat-6 kangaroo_point_park_brisbane_travel2eat-8 kangaroo_point_park_brisbane_travel2eat-7 kangaroo_point_park_brisbane_travel2eat-1 kangaroo_point_park_brisbane_travel2eat-2

Green Brisbane: Roma Street Parklands and Botanic Garden

We can also recommend walks through the Roma Street Parklands and the City Botanic Garden, where free 1-hour guided tours take place daily at 11 am and 1 pm. Of course, on the very day we strolled along there, a large (wild!) Python sighted in the park. Luckily we didn't see them (although our guide was looking for them).

Roma Street Parklands Also there are the lizards City Botanic Gardens

city_botanic_gardens_brisbane_travel2eat-2 city_botanic_gardens_brisbane_travel2eat-1 city_botanic_gardens_brisbane_travel2eat-3

Culinary Tips

Finally, a few words about food and coffee: We would like to recommend the Shouk Cafe in Paddington, where you can get a delicious breakfast, good coffee and incredibly friendly staff (who didn't charge us for our coffees because we had to wait longer for our food).

We liked the coffee at Spoon Espresso in the city center the best (my pumpkin haloumi burger was also very tasty).

Waffles with homemade honey ice cream at Shouk Cafe Pumpkin burger at Spoon Espresso

Never without sunscreen

Finally (now really😉 ) a few pictures of the skyline and the hint to smear yourself especially carefully with sunscreen in Brisbane and/or to wear long clothes (even if it is hot). Sun exposure is super dangerous all over Australia, but especially in Brisbane (even in winter and when it's cloudy).

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