Atlantis The Palm***** – Dubai

Dubai is known for its tremendous progress, especially in the construction of the first class hotels and luxury resorts. This includes the 5* hotel Atlantis The Palm, which is located on the group of islands resembling a palm tree. Guests of this hotel can enjoy an impressive, exceptional and luxurious stay with amenities that are second to none.

Atlantis The Palm - Dubai

Palm Island, as the Palm Island is called in the original, is one of two artificial fills, which is produced since 2001 in front of the mainland of Dubai. Besides luxury villas, luxury hotels were also built, meanwhile a second island landscape in the form of a palm tree has been created.

Something about the creation of the Hotel Atlantis Dubai

The Atlantis Hotel The Palm in Dubai transports visitors and guests alike from the very first moment into the proverbial fairy tale of 1000 and one nights. The building rises from the ground in a very special design. The center of the elongated building is graced by a central connecting arch, over which 22. Floor the bridge suite extends. The hotel can be reached either via a six-lane underwater tunnel by vehicle or via the Dubai Monorail suspension railroad. Those who intend to stay at this hotel more often can aspire to become a member and secure many benefits.

Atlantis The Palm Reception

Exclusive guest rooms and suites

The Atlantis Dubai hotel stretches to an imposing size at the tip of Dubai's Palm Island. All guest rooms offer an unparalleled view over the Arabian Gulf, the immediate surroundings with palm trees, pools and amusement park as well as over the skyline of Dubai City.

The guest rooms can be booked in sizes starting from 45 m². Lots of space and comfort is offered by suites, which also come in a variety of sizes and designs. They are ideal for business travelers, but also families with children will appreciate the comfortable space. The Signature Suites at Hotel Atlantis are particularly impressive in their design and make the stay unforgettably beautiful.

Atlantis The Palm room

The underwater suite offers a glimpse into the hotel's own aquarium, which spans the entire building and, with 11 million liters of water, is home to some 65.000 fish and sea animals is. The Royal Bridge Suite is located above the bridge that connects the two towers of the hotel. With its size and design, it is also a special highlight. It has not only furnished luxury, but also a team of butlers and cooks.

Culinary delights and leisure at Hotel Atlantis Dubai

Not only exquisite guest rooms and suites make the stay at Hotel Atlantis Dubai a special experience. The hotel is filled to the brim with attractions and special features that are probably only available in the houses of these resorts.

Those who check into the hotel can, of course, count on many amenities. These are available day and night, so that every guest can enjoy and be pampered at any time. The so-called Wavehouse is a meeting place for the whole family or with like-minded people bowling, dancing or enjoying cocktails. Daily changing programs are a guarantee for fun and variety.

Atlantis The Palm Pool

However, the absolute highlight among the wide range of leisure facilities at the Atlantis Dubai hotel is the Atlantis Aquaventure. Not only is it part of the hotel's offerings, but it is also the most popular water park in the region. Diving, water slides, the largest aquarium in the region, dolphins and other marine life, and palm-fringed beach areas make this area a favorite of all adventurous visitors.

So much variety, sports and fun naturally wants to be rewarded with exquisite delicacies and so the 23 restaurants in the hotel are always a popular place to visit. They are themed from casual, so families can enjoy themselves, to exquisite, with top chefs from around the world. Culinary highlights, on the other hand, can be found in all restaurants, they simply offer a fantastic service, which makes the stay at the Hotel Atlantis Dubai simply perfect.

The luxurious Atlantis The Palm hotel is located at the tip of the man-made island of Palm Jumeirah in Dubai City. The hotel on the northern breakwater is easily accessible through a six-lane underwater tunnel.

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