Alicante airport car rental

The car rental area at Alicante airport is very simple and clear. All major car rental companies can be found directly in the arrivals area of the terminal building (level 0).

The following map and photos should help you answer as many important questions as possible from "where to rent a cheap car at Alicante Airport" to "where to pick up my rental car at the airport":

Cheap car hire at Alicante airport

Car rental at Alicante airport – Map

Our small map on the left marks all the important points at the airport for car rental. You will see both where you can pick up your car keys for the rental car and later on where you can pick up the car. We hope the map will help you to rent a car at the airport so that the start of your Costa Blanca vacation will start smoothly.

Click on the map and each of the following photos to enlarge them!

Picking up your rental car upon arrival

Immediately after leaving the security checkpoint door in the arrivals area, turn right. There, in the public area of the arrivals level, you will find the counters of most of the car rental companies.

Counters and offices of all major car rental companies in the arrival area of Alicante Airport

All major car rental companies have their counters here (Hertz (Advantage Rent a Car), Goldcar, National Atesa, Centauro, Europcar, Record Rent A Car, Sixt, Auriga Crown Car Hire, Solmar Rent-A-Car , Avis ).

If your car rental company does not have counters here, follow the instructions on your booking. ( Smaller cheap car rentals e.g. Dickmann, have "mobile office vans" parked in the old parking area and carry out the processing there). Details of their exact location should be found on your car hire booking confirmation.

Pick up your rental car

After picking up the car keys at the car rental counter, go to the parking garage of the airport. The parking building is located opposite the terminal building at Alicante airport.

You can either take the elevator or escalator in the terminal building to level 1 and from there walk through the pedestrian tunnel to the parking garage.

You go down two levels to level -2 (the "bus" level) and cross the street to the parking garage.

Pedestrian tunnel crossing from the terminal building to the parking garage at Alicante Airport

As you can see from the photo on the left, there are two pedestrian tunnels from the terminal building to the parking garage (no. 5 and no. 6 in picture).

The pedestrian tunnel (Nr. 5) leads to the normal parking area of the parking garage, while the tunnel (Nr. 6) lead you to the area of the parked rental cars.

In addition, you can also walk across the street from the airport building to the parking garage.

Alicante airport car rental – return

The entrance to the return area for rented cars is in the back of the parking garage. All major car rental companies have their drop-off areas there.

To offer cars cheaply, smaller car rental companies sometimes still have their return area in the old parking lot in front of the old airport building. Your rental car company will inform you about the exact return place when you rent the car.

Where do I pick up my rental car and where do I return my rental car at Alicante Airport?

parking lot car rentals Auriga Solmar Goldcar Record National Avis Hertz Centauro Sixt

Directly from the sign at the entrance of the parking garage at the airport of Alicante.

Here you will find your car in the parking garage:

Floor 0: Goldcar, Solmar Rent-A-Car

Floor 1: Hertz,Avis ,

Floor 2: Record Rent A Car , Auriga Crown Car Hire , National Atesa

Floor 3: Centauro , Sixt , Europcar

Rental car return

Every vacation or business trip ends at some point and you have to return your rental car to Alicante airport.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get to the rental car area of the airport.

Return of the rental car at the airport Alicante

Approach to the airport

All major reputable car rental companies want you to return the car to the car rental area of the parking garage.

The access to the parking garage at the airport is a bit confusing and confusing.

Drive to the end of the parking lot

The approach is the same as the approach to the parking garage, only that rental cars are returned in the second entrance of the parking garage.

This entrance for the cars of the car rental companies is well marked with CAR Rental.

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