5 Tips for Cheap Broadway Tickets in New York

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You want to join Wicked for 30$? For $10 to Hamilton? See Cats for $37 in New York? That does not work, you say?

I have been to New York twice. The first time I did NOT see a SINGLE Broadway show because I thought there were no cheap Broadway tickets available.

As we all know, the only foolish person is the one who makes a mistake twice. Fortunately, on my second trip I got better informed and found great ways to find cheap Broadway tickets.

I was there for 5 days and saw 5 shows. For two of them I sat in the front row. You want that too?

Where do you get cheap Broadway tickets now?

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1. Book long in advance

Sometimes you get e.g. About travel agencies still early booking discount on shows.

I booked "Christmas Spectacular" like this at that time. The "Rockettes" perform the show at Christmas time at Radio City Music Hall.

This is the option that gives you the most planning security. But it is not the best and also not the cheapest option.

2. TKTS – Ticket Box

At the TKTS boxes you can get tickets for performances on the same day with ca. 50% discount. A show that normally costs 150€ then suddenly seems cheap at 75€.

There are TKTS boxes in several places in New York: in Times Square, in Downtown Brooklyn and at the South Street Seaport.

When I bought my ticket for "Chicago" there, I was proud of my bargain hunter instinct. However, compared to the other options, the TKTS boxes are still expensive.

3. Lottery

The Lottery is just that – a lottery. You write your name on a piece of paper and throw it into a lottery drum. With a little luck you will be drawn and can buy the tickets (maximum 2).

The lotteries differ: There are digital lotteries, student lotteries and lotteries where anyone can drop by and then the lottery is drawn on the spot.

Here you leave the evening planning to your luck. You have only a few days in New York and want to see many shows for little money? Then you should consider putting all your eggs in the lottery basket.

My sister was lucky and so I also got my ticket for "Wicked" via lottery. There are about 200 people waiting in line, all wanting one of the 26 tickets.

Not bad chances, but still a matter of luck. we paid 30$ for tickets in the first row.

For the lottery and the following two items you should take cash with you. Some theater box offices do not accept other payment methods for this type of ticket.

4. Rush tickets

When the Rush tickets are gone, they are gone. Tickets can be purchased for the same day at the box office of the respective musical at reasonable prices.

There is a General Rush and a Student Rush here as well. The Student Rush is only open to those who have a student card.

With this method I got tickets in the front row for "Mamma Mia" and tickets for "Les Miserables. Both prices were around and around $30.

This is the method I would definitely recommend! I made the experience that you don't have to get up that early to still get tickets. And I did not have to wait in a long queue either.

5. Standing Room Only (SRO)

I did not use this option myself. But every now and then there are cheap offers for those who don't have a problem to stand the whole performance. Such tickets are usually offered only when the performance is otherwise sold out.

This website lists all the current shows on Broadway (that offer discounts) with their discount options.

Write me about your experience in the comments! Where did you find cheap Broadway tickets on your trip?

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