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Environmental Organizations

Greenpeace Alaska-- Contact Information for the GreenPeace Alaska Offices
Northern Alaska Environmental Center-- Contains information on how to join, information on Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, National Petroleum Reserve and more
The Shetland News--Oil Pages-- The Shetland-News and Magazine's Oil pages, contains links to news stories, and oil industry information.
Sierra Club-Alaska Chapter-- Contact information for the Sierra Club's Alaska Chapter
Southeast Alaska Conservation Council-- SEACC's website contains information about saving the Tongass National Forest, contains links to the SEACC's Newsletter, The Ravencall

Whistleblower Organizations

Government Accountability Project-- Information on joining the GAP, links to Whistleblower resources and articles.
Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility-- PEER is a private, nonprofit organization that provides uniquely valuable services to government employees charged with safeguarding the nation's natural resources.
Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics-- FSEEE is made up of thousands of concerned citizens, present, former, and retired Forest Service Employees, other government resource managers, and activists working to change the Forest Service's basic land management philosophy.
The Project on Government Oversight-- POGO is a non-partisan non-profit government watchdog. Their mission is to investigate, expose, and remedy abuses of power, mismanagement, and government subservience to special interests by the federal government.

On-line Resources for Concerned Citizens and Activists

Alaska Citizens Workshop-- This site contains information to assist concerned Alaskan Citizens learn about current issues affecting the state, to enable them to provide input into the policy making process by communicating views to elected officials, and to give them the means to promote progressive ideas thru the media and other public forums
Grassroots Environmental Effectiveness Network-- GrassRoots Environmental Effectiveness Network's website contains information different links about different projects that they are current working on.
Alaska Conservation Voice-- Contains information and links on both Alaska Conservation Alliance and Alaska Conservative Voters.
League of Conservation Voters-- The League of Conservation Voters is the bipartisan political arm of the national environmental movement. LCV works to elect a pro-environment majority to Congress.
On-Line Netwroking for the Environment Northwest-- ONE/Northwest is a non-profit organization helping the conservation community in the Pacific Northwest (Alaska, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington) protect the environment through the effective use of electronic networking technologies.
Planet Ark-- The home of the Reuters Daily World Environment news
ARLIS-- Contains oil Spill Related links

Government Agencies

US Bureau of Land Management-Alaska-- Contains information on the US Bureau of Land Management in Alaska
US Environmental Protection Agency-- The EPA's webpage.. " protect the human health and to safeguard the natural environment.."
State of Alaska-- The State of Alaska's Homepage, contains links to Legislature, Departments, and Alaska Facts
Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation-- The DEC's homepage, contains links to Environment related issues
Alaska Department of Fish and Game-- The Alaska's Fish and Game Webpage
Alaska Department of Natural Resources-- The Alaska DNR's homepage

Media Sources

Seattle Times-- The Seattle Times Newspaper webpage, contains the latest news
Seattle Post-Intelligencer-- The Seattle Post-Intelligencer webpage, contains the latest news and headlines
Wall Street Journal-- The Wall Street Journal's website, requires a paid subscription

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