8/28/06 AFER posts missing ADEC/BP Corrosion Reports


Concerned Individual Advocate Chuck Hamel posted the missing and altered Coffman BP Corrosion Reports on the Project On Government Oversight (POGO.org) web site:

http://www.pogo.org/p/environment/AlaskanPipeline.html .


From the POGO web site:

Alaska North Slope
For over two decades, POGO Board member Chuck Hamel has fought to expose and remedy fraud and other misconduct involving the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and North Slope crude production facilities. He has worked alongside whistleblowers from oil companies and government regulatory agencies alike. His allegations of the disfunctional corrosion control at Prudhoe Bay, among other deficiencies, have been proven true by the recent shutdown of much of BP's Prudhoe Bay operations. Below are documents he has recently released.


AFER has re-posted the information here:

The postings include the original 2000 Coffman Report BP's Comments on original and Coffman's re write of original report.

Missing Coffman Reports


Letter from Charles Hamel to Stacey Gerard, the Chief Safety Officer for the Office of Pipeline Safety, discusses BPs collusion with Alaska regulators to conceal deficient corrosion control.

( 8_22_06 Hamel ltr to Stacy Gerard BP collusion with Ak Regulator re BP Corrosion GerardLetter.pdf )


The original November 2000 Coffman report evaluating BPs corrosion control program for the Alaska Prudhoe Bay facilities.

( 11_2_2001 Original Coffman Corrosion Report on BP prior to changes.pdf )


BPs statements regarding the November 2000 Coffman report and its recommendations.

 ( BP Comments on Original 2001 Coffman Report on BP Corossion.pdf )


The 2001 Coffman report covering BPs corrosion control program, with BPs edits.

( 01_02 Coffman New rewrite of 2001 Coffman Report includes BP edits on BP Corrosion.pdf )


A comparison of the 2000 and 2001 Coffman reports by oil industry analyst Glen Plumlee.

( 03_20_06 Plumlee compares the two different 2001 Coffman Reports BPConcernsAnalysis.pdf )