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The Alaska Forum is dedicated to holding industry and government accountable to the laws designed to safeguard the environment, provide a safe and retaliation-free workplace, and achieve a sustainable economy in Alaska.

10/05/07 Update: AFER Prudhoe Bay Report and Information


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05/16/07 US House of Representatives, Energy and Commerce Committee, Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Hearing: 2006 Prudhoe Bay Shutdown: Will Recent Regulatory Changes and BP Management Reforms Prevent Future Failures?


03/22/07 US House of Representatives, Education and Labor, Full Committee Hearing: "The BP-Texas City Disaster and Worker Safety"


10/06/06 US House of Rep. Energy and Commerce ltr to ADEC and BP re 2001 documents


9/12/06 US Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee BP pipeline failure in the Prudhoe Bay Oil Field on the U.S. oil supply


9/7/06 US House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce Hearing: On BP’s Pipeline Spills at Prudhoe Bay: What Went Wrong?


09/06/06 Update to Fineberg Report for Alaska Forum on BP Alaska North Slope Corrosion .PDF


08/31/06 Alaska Representative John Harris, Speaker of the House, Correspondence with BP


8/28/06 AFER posts missing ADEC/BP Corrosion Reports


8/18/06 Alaska Leg Joint Senate & House Resources Prudhoe Bay Hearing


8/14/06 JPO ( Joint Pipeline Office ) list of Pigging of North Slope Pipelines


Office of Pipeline Safety Corrective Action Orders to BP and Alyeska Pipeline Service Company


2001 Congressman John Dingell Letters to BP re Problems on the North Slope


AUDIO FILES of Hearings and Talk Radio ProgramsNew Information


4/3/06  Hamel letter to EPA re Concealed newly ruptured lines at Prudhoe Bay

3/24/06  Congress wants info from BP on Prudhoe Bay Oil Spill

3_24_06 Ranking Member Rep. Dingell and Rep. George Miller write BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc. President regarding the recent North Slope oil spill and oil supply line inspection methods

3/15/06 AFER Fineberg Report

3/14/06 North Slope Mayor Letter to DEC

BP's Animal Crossing Leak Detection System

DEC Forces Top Regulator to Resign

DEC IPPP accomplishments under Harvey Leadership

DEC Removes Inspectors and Reduces Oversight of BP Operations News Stories


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The Emperor's New Hose

How Big Oil Gets Rich Gambling with Alaska’s Environment

A Status Report on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System

By: Richard A. Fineberg

Prepared for the Alaska Forum for Environmental Responsibility

June 2002