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Promises Report Archive

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Promises 1 & 2
These reports grew out of the Exxon Valdez oil spill and concerns about Alyeska Pipeline Service Company's inadequate response during the early hours and days of that disaster. Many observers felt that Alyeska had double-crossed Alaska and the nation by not living up to the standard set for itself during the debate on authorizing the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS). They felt that Alyeska had promised to clean up any oil spill from TAPS vessels quickly and completely, and then essentially walked away from its promise after getting permission to build the pipeline. To quote the Alaska Oil Spill Commission, "The promises that led Alaska to grant its right-of-way and Congress to approve the Alaska pipeline in June 1973 had been betrayed."

For it's part, Alyeske has denied ever making any promise to clean up an Exxon Valdez sized spill in a short time. These reports are the result of an attempt to identify exactly what commitments, if any, Alyeska made regarding regarding oil spill response. The intent in undertaking this project was to put the so-called promises issue to bed once and for all. If, in fact, there were no promises, commitments, or assurances, or whatever they may be called, then that would be clear from the record and the matter would be closed. However, if the record showed that there were promises or commitments, then these would form a natural standard against which the performance of Alyeska, past and present, could be judged.

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This Report Focuses on: General Environmental Commitments, Response to Oil Spills in Prince William Sound, The Ballast Water Treatment Plant, and The Government's Role

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This Report Focuses on: Leak Detection, Vapor Recovery, Commitments Made After the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, and the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company Oil Spill Contingency Plan