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Good News For Muddied Waters?
by Dr Jonathan Wills

The mud that makes the world go round need no longer pollute the sea. That's the main conclusion of a new report on the disposal of used drilling fluids ("muds") from offshore oil and gas fields, published October 9, 2000 by the Russian environmental group Sakhalin Environment Watch. "Muddied Waters," a 139-page study by the British environmental consultant Dr Jonathan Wills, says massive reductions in drilling waste and oily water discharges from offshore oil and gas installations is "desirable, technically achievable and, in most cases, economically advantageous."

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Disaster Averted on Stranded Gas Pipeline Bill

This past spring, the Alaska State Legislature passed a bill that will facilitate the construction of a gas pipeline from Alaska's North Slope to Valdez. House Bill 290 was authored by a group of oil industry executives...and the Alaska Forum found something mildly nefarious in their plans for Alaska's environment.

AFER Letter to House Resources Comm. 2-21-00

Read the letter the Alaska Forum sent to the House Resources Committee (2/21/00) asking them to amend House Bill 290 to offer greater environmental protection for Alaska's waters.