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Archived News Articles

"Crude Behavior"
Big Oil to Alaska Pipeline Inspectors: Don't Squawk or Else by Eric Nelson of the Free Press

What safety inspector Richard Acord witnessed back in September 1991 at Milepost 113.6 would have been a comedy of errors if the consequences were not so grave.......

"Big Oil Seeks To Expand Drilling"
Despite a Serious Quality Control Crisis by Mike Riley of the Alaska Forum

Over the last decade, a quality control crisis has developed that threatens the structural integrity of the pipeline and portends another Exxon Valdez-scale catastrophe. The crisis is the result of long-standing and well documented technical and management deficiencies, as well as persistent retaliation and harassment of conscientious pipeline employees who speak the truth about these deficiencies. In addition, the failure of federal and state regulators to conduct adequate oversight of the oil industry has exacerbated these problems.