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ANWR and New North Slope Oil Development

For Ten Years the Alaska Forum has been silent on the ANWR debate choosing to stay focused on the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) by advocating that TAPS must be repaired before any new oil is developed and shipped through system.

At present, the North Slope oil gathering and distribution system has deteriorated to a dangerous level and there are major problems with TAPS that still require resolution. Federal and state have consistently failed to provide significant oversight of the Oil Industry. As the Government Accountability Office reported in 1991, " Regulators have not ensured that government requirements are being met."

Due to this sad state of affairs, once again the "Exxon Valdez" is off course and headed for " Bligh Reef." There is still time to avert disaster but immediate intervention on a massive scale is required.

Until such time our concerns are adequately addressed by fixing the North Slope piping and safety concerns, repairing TAPS, and providing meaningful Government and citizen oversight of this entire system, the Alaska Forum must say NO to ANY new oil development in the Arctic Refuge and on the North Slope .

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