September  2007 News Headers

09/30/07ctv Oil spill animation outlines worst cases for B.C.
09/30/07adn Declining Oil production in Alaska trends cause  concern _ CH2M Hill defends seasonal layoffs has nothing to do with  Veco acquisition
09/28/07wsj BP Says Baku-Ceyhan Crude Pipeline Closed
09/27/07adn State of Alaska on sidelines of FBI investigation  into Veco
09/27/07fnm AK Senator ted Stevens chides AK Gov Palin, calls relations  ‘frosty’
09/27/07wsj Motiva Refinery Expansion Heralds More Additions  In US
09/26/07adn BP shares drop on warning of bad quarter _  Kott  guilty on 3 counts; sentencing set Dec. 7
09/25/07csm As race for oil-rich Arctic heats up, Inuit stake  their claim, too
09/25/07adn Arguments end: Kott case handed to jury
09/25/07ft BP results set to be 'dreadful'
09/23/07adn Veco routinely paid for candidates' polling
09/22/07fnm Palin’s words in VECO case now must apply to her team
09/22/07hc Motiva approves a plan to double the capacity of  its Port Arthur plant cost $ 7 billion
09/21/07wsj Exxon Valdez Plaintiffs Say US Supreme Court  Should Drop Case
09/21/07adn Kott says he lied to Veco executives _ Jay Ramras  won't retract bribery claims
09/20/07st Aging fleet slows U.S. in Arctic "chess game"
09/20/07hc FBI agents taped Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens as part  of corruption sting
09/19/07hc BP settles with 4 in first civil suit from 2005  Texas City blast
09/19/07wsj BP-Texas City Blast Trial Ends in a Deal
09/18/07adn Alaska's oil flows past $80 _ Kott trial exposes  Veco political maneuvering _ Defense disputes evidence from Kohring's  FBI conversations _ Speak up, senator Ted Stevens
09/16/07adn Former Veco VP has more to reveal
09/15/07adn Review board yanks Shell pollution permits _  Allen says Veco paid for part of Stevens' remodel
09/15/07hc BP executive testifies workers to blame for  explosion
09/14/07hc BP turned down blast-proof trailers
09/13/07adn Ruling may disperse Shell's drilling fleet over  the horizon _ Veco Pres Bill Allen counted on having friend in the  Legislature
09/13/07hc Fatal blast deeply affected ex-BP manager, jury  told
09/12/07adn BP claims four North Slope fires in about a month  are unrelated _ Shell may disband Alaska drilling fleet in wake of  ruling _ Grand  jury indicts Wade for fraud and identity theft
09/12/07hc Suggestions for flare at BP Texas City plant date  to 1977
09/12/07wsj Alaska Officials Want BP To Explain Recent North  Slope Fires _ BP Official: Texas Refinery Upgrades May Have Prevented  Blast
09/11/07hc BP Texas City manager's efforts receive some sympathy
09/11/07adn Alaska Political Corruption Bribery trial  features Kott's telephone calls
09/11/07wsj BP Plant Repairs Not Swayed By Pft  Concerns-Ex-Mgr _ US Lawmakers Ask BP Not To Drill In Canadian  Flathead Basin
09/09/07adn Vibration hits Trans Alaska  pipeline at rebuilt  pump station 9
09/08/07adn Pioneer starts drilling at Stariski _ Oil firm  Veco is  history _ Alaska polar bears called doomed _ NORTH SLOPE  BOROUGH HAS CAUSE TO OPPOSE BEAUFORT DRILLING
09/08/07wsj ExxonMobil CEO: Mackenzie Pipeline Costs Could Top  C$16.2 Bln
09/07/07adn Alaska Pipeline called viable despite drop in gas  use _  AK Gov Palin oil tax gets cold shoulder _ (veco) Pete Kott jury  selection  continues _ Dire sea ice predictions confirmed by  observations To: Recipient list suppressed:
09/07/07hc Former BP Texas City plant boss acknowledges safety worries before blast
09/07/07wsj Ex-BP Texas City Refinery Manager:Didn't Expect  Danger, Despite Warnings
09/06/07npr Exploring for Oil in the Arctic's 'Great Frontier'
09/06/07fnm Oil companies, associations express displeasure  with Alaska tax proposal
09/06/07hc Testimony details gruesome BP blast scene
09/06/07wsj Chinese, Others Interested In Alaska Gas Project
09/05/07ktuu BP Alaska President Doug Suttles talks taxes
09/05/07adn Palin offers oil tax plan for session in Juneau _  BP dislikes call for higher taxes in Alaska _ (veco) Wade has little  to say as
 he makes first court appearance _ (veco) Kott wants a lid  put on mixup over medication given to him
09/05/07hc Deal reached on one of four BP blast suits _ Jury  chosen to hear BP blast trial
09/05/07wsj Jury Chosen In Trial Stemming From `05 BP Texas  Plant Blast
09/04/07adn Part III Commute, job work for Palin _ Prosecutors direct  new allegations against Kott in VECO corruption case
09/02/07adn Part II - Palin's oil agenda includes credits as  well as tax _ Part I - Palin foresees positive changes in politics _ A  look over governor's shoulder
09/01/07hc BP Texas City Jury pool hears of worker's suicide _  Texas City Refinery Plaintiff's Lawyer compares safe handling of guns,  refineries