May 2007 News Headers


05/31/07ft Manzoni quits BP after losing race for top spot
5/30/07adn Judge delays Kohring VECO bribery - corruption  trial _  FBI corruption investigation includes audio,
05/30/07hc Exxon Mobil could get an earful _ Pension fund  angry over climate strategy
05/30/07wsj BP Refining CEO Manzoni Leaves, Succeeded by  Conn_ BP Refining CEO Manzoni Leaves For Talisman_ ExxonMobil,
05/30/07ft Manzoni to step down as BP head of refining
05/29/07adn Feds eye Sen Ted Stevens' Alaska home remodeling  project
05/28/07lat State's ( California ) access to oil now a  federal issue
05/28/07ct Part 2 of 2-- Safety focus tightens after refinery  blast  _ Troubles run deep on Gulf oil platform
05/27/07ct Part 1 of 2-- Risky business: Big Oil's  billion-dollar juggling act
05/27/07fnm Alaska needs to become major player in TAPS  tariff case
05/26/07adn North Slope plant resuming production after leak  repair
05/25/07adn Exxon's endless appeals show important flaw in  justice system
05/24/07fnm New Alaska oversight team investigates leak on  North Slope
05/24/07hc Lawmakers call for splitting Oil Industry giants
05/23/07adn Water leak at Prudhoe plant cuts flow of oil _ Corruption case prompts ethics action in Anchorage Assembly
05/23/07fnm BP shuts down one-fourth of its Prudhoe Bay  production _ Water leak shuts down BP facility
05/23/07wsj US GAO: Oil Indus Mergers Upped Risk Of  Anticompetitive Behavior
05/22/07adn BP checks prospects for Ugnu site on Slope _  Credible bribery charge means lawmaker is compromised _ Lobbyists with  felony convictions face ban
05/22/07wsj BP Partly Shuts Prudhoe Bay Oil Field Due To  Water Leak
05/21/07adn Regulators strengthen their oversight of BP  operations _ Alaska Ethics law  takes a bite out of Legislature perks
05/20,12/07fnm State should examine rights, duties under TAPS  1985 oil shipping deal _ Judge finds TAPS pipeline owners
 charge too much  for shipping oil _ Oil companies still say pipeline’s ‘economic life’ ends in  2011
05/19/07adn TAPS Tariff ruling may boost earnings for Alaska  _ Colorado company ( CH2M ) interested in buying Veco
05/19/07wsj US Crt Won't Dismiss Case Aiming To Freeze Pay Of  BP's Browne
05/18/07adn Relationship matrix underpins BP tactics in  Alaska _ Special session planned on the petroleum tax
05/18/07fnm Ruling may allow higher oil revenues _ Gas line  glory to budget bickering: Lawmakers reflect on time in session
05/17/07ar- Short Circuiting Justice at the Ninth Circuit Court
05/17/07adn pm AK Gov Palin plans to call special session in  fall _ AK Top lobbyist ( Bill Bobrick ) admits scheme _ Who did Bill  Bobrick work for?
05/17/07ft BP’s Hayward may face US  investigators
05/17/07tmj Congressman Stupak’s panel  grills BP
05/17/07adn BP undercut pipeline upkeep _ Alaska Legislature  kills oil tax deductions,
05/17/07fnm BP and Congress
05/17/07hc BP's Cutting costs didn't help
05/16/07 usr BP Hearing Testimony and Web Cast web site download  info
05/16/07wsj 2nd Update -- Reps Fear More BP Prudhoe Bay  Fiascos May Occur
05/16/07ft US Congressmen  find BP ‘unco-operative’
05/16/07wsj Fines Likely For BP Prudhoe Bay _ BP Ohio  Refinery Work Takes Extra Week;Units Seen Back By Fri
05/16/07soa Alaska Teams with Pipeline Safety Agency
05/16/07rn BP cost-cutting led to Alaska oil spill: lawmaker  _ U.S., Alaska pipeline regulators in new pact
05/16/07adn Alaska Lobbyist accused in bribery conspiracy _  New rules to limit influence peddling _ Alaska Political Corruption
05/16/07usr Congressional BP Hearing -- On Live Now __ link below
05/15/07adn How does a wildly popular bill fail to pass in  Juneau? _ Tax-deduction bill is likely doomed
05/14/07wsj House Presses BP on Oil Spills
05/13/07je  Lawmakers disclose conflicts of interest, but vote  anyway
05/12/07pn Public corruption scandal erupts in Alaska
05/12/07fnm Congress questions BP memo _ Irwin on hand to  watch Senate vote on gas line bill
05/12/07hc BP takes back part of report
05/12/07wsj House Committee Probes Possibility Of BP Cost Cuts Behind Oil Spill _ US Lawmakers Probe BP On Prudhoe Bay Report Ahead Of Hearing _ Alaska Legislature OKs Bill Clearing Way For Gas Pipeline _Regulator Recommended Fine On BP West Texas Pipeline Filing
05/12/07ft Congress takes BP to task over Alaska report
05/11/07wsj Lawyers Ask Alaska Court To Take Heed Of BP  Ex-CEO's 'Lie'
05/09/07cnn BP blames execs, cost cuts for oil spills
05/09/07adn Here is the text of Rep. Vic Kohring's federal  indictment _ Veco case may spark charges from state
05/09/07fnm Lawmakers face ‘tremendous’  pressure
05/09/07wsj BP Names Independent Safety Monitor _ BP Names L  Duane Wilson Independent Safety Expert
05/09/07ft BP ordered to raise safety levels _ BP appoints  safety chief
05/08/07ktuu The story of VECO and the rise of Bill Allen _  VECO brass strike plea deal on charges of bribing lawmakers
05/08/07adn Veco executives plead guilty to bribing officials  _ Kohring returns to session _ More court document excerpts _ Timeline  _ Veco's oil field customers plan to stick with company for now _ VECO  a long, long way from bankruptcy
05/08/07hc BP told to upgrade anti-corrosion efforts _ Two oil-services executives (VECO) plead guilty in Alaska case
05/08/07wsj VECO Executives Plead Guilty in Bribery Case _  VECO Top Executives Draw Deeper Scrutiny
05/07/07adn VECO execs plead guilty to bribing Alaska  lawmakers _  Lawmakers cited in Veco case identifiable _ Kohring loses  chairman post _  Lawmakers scolded for private pipeline meetings
05/07/07fnm AK Lawmakers throw support behind Palin and her  gas line plan
05/06/07ar Alaska legislators (22 of them) still stumping for  VECO
05/05/07wsj Alaska Officials Plead Not Guilty In VECO Oil  Bribe Case _ BP's New Chief Will Meet With Board as Probes Swirl
05/05/07adn Federal authorities charge three legislators _  Kohring also charged with bribery, extortion
05/04/07ktuu  Kott, Weyhrauch and Kohring arrested for  corruption _  Lawmakers were expecting indictments sooner or later
05/04/07adn EXTRA-- FBI probe leads to Extortion and Bribery incitements of Alaska legislators
05/04/07hc Internal investigation called for BP firings _ BP  report faults top managers for 2005 Texas City plant blast
05/04/07wsj BP New CEO E-mail Vows Safety, Performance Focus -  Source
05/04/07gu Tale of two oil firms: Shell boosts profits as  rival BP in turmoil
05/04/07ft Hayward reveals BP plans _ BP Chief to meet Bush as relations with congress sour _ Browne well received in Brussels after  sudden departure from BP
05/03/07fnm Congress postpones Prudhoe Bay hearing
05/03/07adn BP seeks more time to deliver North Slope spill  files _  Fall of BP boss illustrates perils of being gay in business  world
05/03/07wsj BP's New Chief Enters the Fray _ US Reps: BP  Withheld Prudhoe Papers; Hearing Delayed
05/03/07gu A sad departure _ Browne and I were brought down by  fear and hubris _ Paper paid substantial sum for Browne story  _  Browne back at his BP desk the day after quitting
05/03/07ft Hayward to adopt a low profile at BP helm
05/02/07mn BP admits withholding documents from congress_  Congressional Energy & Commerce Committee letter to BP says BP  Withheld Key  Documents from Committee
:05/02/07adn Alaska  to audit condition of Alaska oil, gas  facilities _ TAPS Corrosion Patched
05/02/07fnm Alaska Gas line challengers ( Oil Industry) grow  to 3_ Alaska says no to request for emissions report
05/02/07gu BP's Browne quits over lie to court about private  life
05/01/05soa Alaska Governor Palin Calls for Comprehensive Assessment of Alaska’s Oil and Gas Infrastructure
05/01/07nyt BP Chief Resigns Amid Battle With Tabloid
05/01/07wsj BP's CEO to Resign Immediately Amid Revelations of Private Life _ Full Text of BP's Statement On Lord Browne's Resignation
05/01/07gu BP chief resigns as private life made public _  Timeline Lord Browne's rise and fall _ Browne case: the evidence and  the judgment _
 'My sexuality is a personal matter' _ BP accused of  'draconian' cost cuts prior to Alaskan pipeline spill
05/01/07ft Browne has tried to limit the damage  BP must too _ Browne quits  BP after lying to court _ BP’s statement in  full
05/01/07adn Congress asks BP if scrimping led to Prudhoe Bay  pipe corrosion _ HEARING INFO