March 2007 News Headers

03/31/07adn Oil spill barges lacking storage in Prince William Sound _ Regulators slam oil pipeline fees
03/27/07ft BP blast probe finds tensions at top _ Trained for  the top slot at BP but passed over after safety breaches _ BP and the  crude task of  balancing cost and danger
03/26/07ft BP in Alaska is a safety model _ BP investors poised  to oppose pay proposal
03/26/07wsj  UK's Local Authority Pension Fund To Oppose BP  Pay Report
03/24/07adn  Exxon, BP proposals frustrate legislators
03/23/07 csb Chemical Safety Board Final Report on the BP Texas  City Refinery Explosion web link
03/23/07ar Exxon Valdez oil remains. Why?
03/23/07adn FBI digs deeper in probe of North Slope
03/23/07hc Lawmakers pummel OSHA over BP Texas City Explosion  for  too infrequent inspections
03/22/07wsj FBI Interviews Former Alaska Official  About BP  Prudhoe Bay Oil Spills_US House Panel Mulls Action In BP  Refinery Fire  Wake
03/22/07je FBI probes pressure on oil regulators (ADEC)
03/22/07wsj FBI Interviews Former Official About Alaska Oil Spills_US House Panel To Mull Action In Wake Of BP Refinery Fire
03/22/07r Trans-Alaska Pipeline completes corrosion tests
03/22/07 cong BP Texas City Refinery Explosion Oversight Hearing
03/21/07wsj Worker Fatigue, Labor Shortage Blamed For  Accidents At BP
03/21/07gu Blame for BP disaster laid at the feet of Lord  Browne and his board
03/21/07ft Cost-cutting blamed for BP refinery explosion _BP  report exposes the fatal risks of cost-cutting
03/21/07wsj US Rep Dingell: To Review BP's Performance After  Mishaps
03/20/07hc CSB says Cost-cutting, lax oversight blamed for  deadly BP blast
03/20/07ft CSB says Safety deficiencies Ďat  all levelsí in BP
03/20/07wsj CSB Slams BP on Blast at Texas City Refinery_ CSB Statement_ BP Response to CSB - BP failure Timeline
03/20/07csb CBS Conclude "Organizational and Safety  Deficiencies at All Levels of the BP Corporation"
03/20/07csb Chemical Safety Board to release BP Texas City  Explosion Report today
03/20/07hc Federal investigator recites causes of BP Texas  City blast
03/20/07ft BP safety culture under attack_ BP paints grim  picture of Texas refinery before blast
03/19/07s BP stays silent over leaked Texas City memo
03/19/07ft BP paints grim picture of Texas refinery before  blast
03/19/07hc OSHA scarce at Texas Refineries
03/18/07gp Itís STILL The Oil:
03/18/07adn Conoco included in Prudhoe pipeline probe
03/17/07adn TAPS Pipeline owners, state war over tariff (  state loses $404 a minute
03/17/07hc API and Oil Industry awaits report on BP blast
03/17/07wsj US Oil Grp Warns Of 'Arbitrary' Refinery Safety  Rules
03/16/07adn Alyeska (Trans Alaska Pipeline) shifting oil  line
03/12/07ft BPís reputation
03/10/07fnm Alaska oil tax estimates on the money
03/09/07ar Alaska Senator calls Exxon: Exxorbitant,  Exxtortionists
03/09/07adn Exxon and Palin butt heads over taxes in pipeline  deal _ Exxon can't add-Company wrong on its tax facts
03/07/07fnm Alaska showcases new gas line plan
03/06/07adn Palin's plan for gas line takes first public licks _ Pipeline tariff fight key to gas line plan
03/06/07wsj Pay For BP's Browne Falls To GBP2.53M In 06 Vs  GBP3.29M In 05_ Alaska Lawmakers Worry About Producer-Owner Nat Gas  Pipeline
03/05/07ft BP fought off Texas safety controls_ Civil litigation focus on BP manager laptop
03/01/07adn BP warns against more tax _ Conoco's profits hit  $2.3 billion for Alaska production