July 2007 News Headers

07/31/07usa Alaska Sen. Stevens' oil ties focus of FBI probe
07/31/07adn Alaska Subpoenas more BP records on 2006  shutdown
07/31/07wsj Alaska Seeks Documents From BP Related To 2006  Oil Spills
07/30/07adn BP tries to regain its standing in the world of  oil production
07/28/07adn- Court rules against Exxon over disputed gas line  access rules
07/28/07wsj BP Says Progress Is Strong At New Prudhoe Bay  Pipeline
07/27/07ktuu  The Pipeline at 30: Beyond Prudhoe
07/26/07ft Shell outpaces BP with 18% rise
07/25/07t New BP boss vows to fix problems
07/25/07ft BP chief denies Shell rumours
07/25/07wsj BP's Net Income Rises 1.5% to $7.38 billion_ US  Senators Threaten To Block BP Whiting Air Permit
07/24/07ft Production fall hits BP profits _ Hayward set for  his first BP challenge
07/21/07sn Alaska Losing $1.5 Billion Per Year On New Oil Tax  Say
07/20/07fp Majors back in Beaufort
07/20/07bn Shell's Alaska Drilling Project Halted by Court
07/20/07wsj Contrasting Fortunes Of BP, Shell In Focus
07/16/07f John Browne's Parachute Gets Snagged
07/15/07ti If you're in a hole, merge. But is it too late for  BP and Shell?
07/14/07adn Pipeline plot trial convicts suspect
07/12/07wsj BP Texas City Ultracracker Shut After Flange Blow-Out-Filing
07/11/07hc Agencies lack initiative, widow of BP blast victim  tells senators_ Chemical safety board head stepping down after 5 years
07/10/07adn BP says Exxon might seek spill payments from  other producers _ BP holds onto pay for past execs _ More information  brings NPR-A drilling closer
07/10/07ft BP does the right thing
07/09/07iht BP, embroiled in shareholder lawsuit, freezes pay  of executives
07/09/07ft BP freezes payments to Browne
07/08/07fnm Alaska Attorney generalís office needs to be more forthcoming on TAPS oil tariff history
07/08/07adn BP begins PR campaign to cleanse its image
07/07/07wsj UPDATE:FERC OKs $18M Settlement Between BP, Calif  Utilities _ UK CATS Gas Pipe Repairs Expected To Take Several Weeks -BP
07/06/07ml BP Takes Delivery of LNG Carrier
07/06/07to  Huge Shell drilling programme heralds scramble for the Arctic_ Battle for final frontier
07/06/07adn Alaska eyes safety issues at BP plant
07/06/07fnm Alaska DoL probing BP safety
07/06/07wsj Alaska Labor Dept To Review Safety Concerns At  Prudhoe Bay
07/04/07ar The pipe that changed Alaska
07/04/07hc Revoked leases in Alaska prompt oil majors' protests
07/03/07t More Alaska headaches for BP
07/02/07sn TAPS owners may be trembling
07/02/07wsj Claim of Unsafe BP Practices At Prudhoe Bay Probed
07/02/07ft BP faces more safety charges
07/01/07wp BP Amoco Reviews Safety at Prudhoe Bay
07/01/07adn Corruption trial uncovers FBI mole