January 2007 News Headers

01/31/07adn BP will cut pipeline again to study corrosion
01/30/07adn BP ships return to Alaska trade
01/27/07ft BP bosses debated Texas City Baker report
01/25/07fnm Pipeline fire could lead to policy changes
01/25/07ej Royal Dutch goes deep in Alaska waters
01/16/07 BP press BP will Implement Recommendations of  Independent Safety Review Panel
01/24/07adn Kuparuk oil field marks 25th anniversary _ Polar  bears shift dens off the ice
01/23/07rn Alaska oil output cut 14 pct Friday on ship snag
01/21/07hc BP workers ill-trained for dangers, Baker report  says
01/18/07wsj Refining Industry Grapples With  Baker Findings On BP
01/18/07wsj Report Shows Downside Of BP CEO's Refinery-Light Strategy _ Alaska Gov Emphasizes Need For Natural Gas Pipeline

Satisfying BP investors will be hard _ BP'S Options -  PROS and CONS_ BP comes in for tough criticism as US operations fail to learn lessons

01/17/07hc Workers in U.S. felt lack of trust _BP flaws  unattended for years, safety lapses found at all five U.S. refineries _   British press slams company on issues raised in Baker report _BP  chief's earlier departure is progress
01/17/07adn BP ignored big safety issues at fatal Texas blast  site  _ Tug will help ships cope with Inlet ice
01/17/07wsj Safety Report Will Test BP's Incoming CEO _ As BP's Hayward Takes Helm, His Priorities Should Be Clear_ BP Seen Little  Damaged By Baker Report On Safety-Analysts
01/17/07ft BP denies that it put profit over plant  safety _ Exhaustive report and dismal conclusions _ BP's safety failures  are not yet resolved _  Browne Wary on legal liability
01/16/07hc Panel criticizes BP safety efforts _ Chevron fire  belches soot, oil
01/16/07wsj UPDATE: Baker Panel Cites Significant Problems At BP Refineries
01/16/07wsj Independent Report Criticizes Safety at BP's  Refineries _Baker Panel: 'Significant' Problems At 5 BP US  Refineries _BP Mgmt Lacked Emphasis On Safety At Operations
01/16/07ft Baker says BP failed to provide funds for safety_  Baker report on BP published _ Baker report criticizes BP safety  culture _ Baker  report: Key findings
01/15/07wsj Fire At Chevron Calif Refinery Under Control
01/12/07BP News Newsletter--  BP Announces Lord Browne Succession  Plan
01/15/07adn An unlikely Alaska Senate alliance gathering for  work Tuesday

Baker report urges BP to tighten safety _ Can an Insider Clean Up BP? _ BP's Lord Browne Ran Out of Gas

01/15/07ft Baker report urges BP to tighten safety          
01/14/07adn FBI raids help set agenda in Juneau
01/14/07fnm Oooguruk represents move toward smaller fields on the North Slope
01/13/07hc Reign will end early at BP
01/13/07wsj BP's CEO Browne Will Give Up Job Early _ New BP  CEO, a Browne Protégé  _ BP Statement on CEO Change
01/13/07ft Browne to step down from BP in July _ Hayward a result-oriented ‘BP man’_ How clouds gathered over the ‘sun  king’
01/11/07ft BP delays restart in Texas due to leak in cracker
01/12/07wsj Breaking News --- BP's Browne to Step Down as CEO  in June 07-- Tony Hayward named successor
01/12/07adn Anchors break free of two BP oil tankers _Ice  forces tanker from Nikiski dock _ Two pipeline entities agree to work  together on gas line_ Stevens fined for failure to disclose
01/10/07adn Aleutian basin (Bristol Bay) oil, gas OK'd for  lease _ Ben Stevens faces maximum fine _ Leak briefly closes trans-Alaska pipeline
01/10/07fnm Bush lifts ban on Bristol Bay drilling_ Trans  Alaska Pipeline flowing after brief shutdown
01/10/07wsj Alyeska Pipeline Resumes Normal Ops; Lifts Order  Limiting Output
01/10/07ft BP hit by disappointing output
01/09/07wsj Alyeska Shuts Trans-Alaska Pipeline Due To Oil  Spill
01/09/07adn Delay sought in Alaska legislator's bribery trial
01/09/07wsj BP 4Q Output Seen Flat Against 3Q, Down On Year
01/09/07ft Production and price falls hit BP
01/05/07coastal 2007 Coastal Living Awards: Leadership award to Stan Stephens
01/05/07fnm Trans Alaska Pipeline rates could cost Alaska  millions
01/04/07adn Trans Alaska Pipeline owners raise tariffs
12/20/06dj Slow Schedule For New BP Prudhoe Piping Raises  Questions