February 2007 News Headers

02/28/07wsj BP Hopes To Reopen Northstar Oil Field Late Next  Week
02/26/07wsj In Alaska, an Oil Player Loses Favor VECO Gets  Chilly Treatment
02/24/07hc Question of BP chief's Texas City  testimony still open
02/24/07wsj Two BP Texas City Settlements Could Lead To More
02/23/07adn AK Gov Palin wants leaner Slope oversight _Sen  Murkowski warns state that pipeline opportunity wanes
02/23/07wsj Deposition of BP's Browne Put On Hold -Plaintiff's
02/23/07ft BP employee destroyed documents after subpoena
02/22/07adn BP Oil field workers say 18 hour days are risky
02/22/07hc BP Texas Lawyers try to block BP  Browne's deposition_ BP's CEO receives performance bonus
02/22/07wsj BP Gives CEO Browne GBP2M Of Shares As Performance Reward
02/21/07ft Alaska cold to BP's plea for tax break_ ExxonMobil supports BP over Browne court order
02/21/07ap BP shuts down Northstar offshore oil field after  small gas leak discovered
02/21/07adn Shell receives OK to drill in Beaufort Sea
02/21/07ft Alaska cold to BP's plea for tax break_ ExxonMobil supports BP over Browne court order
02/20/07adn Limit oil tax write-offs for BP pipe  repairs_ Officials seek key to unlock frozen gas_ Stevens proposes new  plan for ANWR
02/20/07fnm Arctic warming the hot topic of the day
02/20/07hc Texas City plaintiff Attorneys plan to depose BP  CEO this week
02/17/06adn BP reports it's ready to move on Liberty project  in Beaufort Sea
02/16/07ccr Steelworkers Union Doesn’t  Trust BP Ombudsman Sporkin
02/16/07adn BP to seek tax breaks for pipeline repairs _  Alaska industry tagged biggest polluter _ Cost figures dull beauty of constructing Alaska gas line
02/15/07adn Gas line cost goes up $10 billion
02/15/07wsj Oil Companys Say They Should Operate Alaska Pipeline
02/14/07ft BP Texas Refinery  blast probe calls for sackings
02/13/07adn Investigation finds BP's North Slope oil wells aren't leaking
02/13/07lat When do 'good' firms go 'bad'? ( Consider BP )
02/13/07wsj BP's BTC Pipeline Needs Extra Monitoring says US  Agency
02/10/07adn Alaska Natural resources boss ( Irwin) gets job back
02/10/07adn Lawsuit targets Browne's benefits_ Oil taxes may  bring $1 billion_ Stevens urges action on gas pipeline _ Palin confident of gas line plan
02/10/07wsj Texas Appeals Court Clears Way For BP's Browne To Testify_ Exxon Shift On Warming Science Signals New Era In Debate
02/10/07ft BP to trim board in shake-up_ Russia tightens grip  on BP gas venture
02/09/07adn Shell plans wells for Beaufort Sea_ Lawmakers call  for financial pipeline accountability
02/09/07bh Watchdog groups support bill on pipelines
02/09/07hc Exxon Mobil has no more doubts on warming
02/09/07wsj US Gulf Coast Refineries Need Tighter Air  Regulations
02/08/07adn Problems continue to plague BP ships
02/07/07wsj BP Ombudsman To Probe Pipeline Poor-Maintenance  Allegations
02/07/07adn BP broke rules, one critic says
02/07/07hc BP lowers production projections
02/07/07wsj BP's Next Slogan: 'Beyond Probes'_ BP Hurt by Low Output_ Thunder Horse Project To Start Up By End 2008
02/07/07gu Safety failures and delays force BP to slash targets
02/07/07ft BP clears the decks for Hayward with procession of  bad news_ BP's clear-out_ BP cuts its production forecasts
02/07/07ccr BP Challenges Alaska Speaker John Harris, You  Calling Us Liars?
02/06/07adn Stevens concerned over Alaska gas pipeline plan
02/06/07wsj BP 4Q -22% to $ 2.88 Billion On Lower Output_ BTC Pipeline Throughput Reaches 600,000 B/D Crude_ Alabama Court To Review  $3.6 Billion Verdict Against Exxon
02/06/07gu BP pays for safety and production woes
02/06/07ft Federal criminal investigators launch probe into BP Alaska _ BP cuts growth forecasts as profits slump
02/05/07hc BP to release annual financial results, strategy  update
02/05/07adn Ring remains at large in Alaska pipeline _ Push  for port stirs distrust in Cordova
02/05/07gu Shell hires  Bush's environmental adviser ( Gail  Norton )
02/04/07adn Warming data notes Arctic changes
02/03/07fnm Trans Alaska Pipeline shooter’s appeal denied
02/03/07hc New manager at BP's Texas City plan
02/03/07ft Sour grapes as Berkeley in California wins BP grant
02/03/07nyt Pig Breaks Up in Trans Alaska Pipeline, and Search  Is on for Lost Piece
02/02/07sji WA Dept of Ecology orders Shell refinery in  Anacortes to tackle leaking transfer pipelines
02/02/07hc Oil Industry sets Record Profits in 2006 : ExxonMobil  $39.5 Bil _ Shell $25.4 Bil  _Marathon $ 65.4 Bil _ Apache $2.55 Bi l_ Valero $5.5 Billion
02/02/07ts BP's U.S. chief sees progress in repairing image
02/02/07wsj BP Picks Berkeley, U Illinois For $500MM Biofuel  Research
02/01/07wsj BP Sees Alaska Pipeline Construction Mostly Done  By 1H 2008
02/01/07adn Exxon Valdez oil won't vanish soon
02/01/07fnm Feds: Gas line prospects dimmer
02/01/07spi Shell Oil president says energy abounds
02/01/07hc Exxon Mobil nets largest annual profit in U.S.  history
02/01/07wsj Exxon Mobil Posts Big 2006 Profit of $39.5 Billion _ BP To Remove Part Of Prudhoe Bay Pipeline _ BP to Sell Coryton  Refinery $1.4 Bil _ BP Names Andy Inglis As Managing Director Of Group _ Shell Posts Record 4 Qtr Profit of 21 percent $5.28 Bil Total 2006 profit 425.44 Billion