August 2007 News Headers

08/31/07wsj BP Texas City Attorneys Object To Comparison of  BP To Enron, Others
08/31/07pn Alyeska works issues
08/31/07wsj Jury Selection Begins In BP Texas City Refinery Explosion Trial
08/30/07adn  Exxon Valdez spill victims ask court to uphold  $5 billion award _ Shell asks court to rethink ban on drilling _ Ben Stevens ID'd as Senator A in VECO corruption investigation _ Ben  Stevens lands job on the shell Beaufort Sea support vessel
08/28/07fnm Alaska trying to reconcile lack of qualified  workers
08/27/07wsj Trans-Alaskan-Pipeline Problems Prompt U.S.  Examination
08/24/07adn Critic says Trans Alaska pipeline modernization  puts oil flow at risk
08/24/07spi Exxon seeks legal sympathy over Exxon Valdez Soill
08/23/07ft Public outcry puts BP Indiana Refinery expansion  on the defensive
08/23/07ng Arctic Oil Rush Sparks Battles Over Seafloor _  Arctic Ice at All-Time Low
08/23/07adn Selendang Ayu owner pleads guilty on 3  misdemeanor  counts gets $ 10 million fine _ Alaska Governor's husband  goes back to BP job  on the North Slope
08/22/07adn Exxon takes spill appeal to the Supreme Court _  Alaska  needs oil tax auditors
08/21/07adn Exxon appeals Valdez spill ruling to U.S. Supreme  Court
08/21/07adn Alaska Oil tax comes up short by about $800  million
08/19/07adn Shell's plans to go after oil in Beaufort and  Chukchi seas have to wait
08/17/07lat In Alaska, scandal flows like crude
08/16/07lt BP faces fresh criticism of safety systems after  fire at Prudhoe
08/16/07wsj BP Trinidad Unit Promises $5B Investment In Gas Exploration _ BP's BTC Pipe To Achieve 1 Million B/D Throughput Late  08 -BP
08/15/07adn Federal court blocks Shell drilling in Arctic
08/15/07adn Critic says BP neglect at Prudhoe led to fire
08/14/07hc Leak spills gasoline at BP's Texas City plant
08/13/07adn Alaska North Slope 4,481 spills range from crude  oil to saltwater, About 2 million gallons were lost in 10 years
08/13/07wsj BP Indiana Refinery Air Permit Draft To Get  Public Review Soon
08/13/07ft Fire at BP Prudhoe Bay field after warnings
08/11/07hc BP will fight OSHA penalty for Texas City
08/10/07fnm Alyeska Communication mgr Curtis Thomas leaving  Alaska for Colorado _ More than oil taxes Alaskans need to engage in a  larger debate about the future
08/10/07wsj BP Discloses Broader Commodity-Trading Probe
08/09/07wsj Small Fire Shuts Prudhoe Bay Turbine, Slightly  Lowers Output
08/07/07fnm State to look at Alyeska’s  pipeline oil spill contingency plan
08/07/07fnm Oil companies muster their arguments against  changes to the Alaska petroleum tax
08/04/07adn  Alaska to hire consultants to review oil tax
08/03/07lat Alaska's addiction to oil