APRIL 2007 News Headers

04/30/07adn BP says ease Gas Line bill or no bid _ Fired over  gas line, he returned to finish job
04/29/07fnm Trans Alaska Oil pipeline tariff fight should be a key part of gas line debate
04/27/07cong May 3 Hearing/Energy and Commerce - "The 2006  Prudhoe Bay Shutdown:
042007usr Genealogy of Major US Refiners 2000 - 2006
04/25/07ccr  EPA Sides with BP on Alaska Air Pollution Rule
04/26/07adn Exxon Mobil 1Q profit rises $ 9.3 Billion _  Accident idles Prudhoe Bay plant
04/25/07wsj BP's Profit Declines 17% _ ConocoPhillips Profits  rose 7.7%
04/24/07hc CSB Board faults API trailer Location Safety  report
04/24/07wsj BP 1Q Net Pft Dn 17% On Lower Oil Prices, Output
04/24/07ft  BP hurt by lower oil price
04/22/07adn After brutal accident, roustabout learns to cope  _  Nabors focused on reducing accidents
04/21/07adn   Prudhoe Bay Oil field plan will focus on  maintenance _ Part 2 Roustabout's rescuers battle brutal cold _ Part  3 Life or death decision to save young roustabout
04/21/07hc-- BP Texas City Contract workers sent to hospitals
04/20/07hc BP Texas City plant workers taken to hospitals
04/19/07adn Compass--High TAPS pipeline tariffs are costing  state of Alaska
04/19/07adn 19-year-old laborer takes one misstep into a drill rig auger _Oil field plan will focus on maintenance
04/19/07hc BP didn't reveal scope of public relations  effort_ More BP mailings come to light
04/19/07wsj New Alaskan Govt Office To Oversee Oil Field Infrastructure
04/18/07soa State of Alaska -- Alaska Governor Palin Signs Administrative Order  - ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 234
04/17/07adn Groups seek halt to Shell drilling in Beaufort Sea
04/13/07adn Capacity of oil spill barges must increase, state  says _ Fire sparks scrutiny of safety standards
04/13/07ft BP hit by protest vote over Lord Browne's pay  package
04/13/07hc BP chairman says company has fallen short
04/12/07fnm Alaska DoL scrutinizes Alyeska safety for pump  station  fire
04/12/07wsj Alyeska Must Revamp Standards After Alaska Fire -Govt _ BP To Update On Baker Report In May - Chairman
04/10/07adn Veco truck spills nearly 7,000 gallons of diesel  at Prudhoe Bay
04/10/07hc Judge: BP mailing 'stunt' triggers jury tampering  concerns
04/10/07wsj Truck Spills 7000 Thousands Of Gals Of Diesel  Fuel At Prudhoe Bay