October 2006 News Headers


10/31/06wsj BP Replaces Steve Marshall, Head Of BP Alaska,  Amid Environmental Woes
10/31/06adn Breaking News -- BP removes Marshall as Alaska  president
10/31/06adn Corrosion infested Prudhoe pipeline -- smart pig  found more than 5,000  anomalies before August leaks
10/31/06wsj U.S. CSB Cites Cost Cuts' Role In BP Refinery Blast _ US Agency Likely To Call For New Standards At Refineries
10/30/06hc BP's own experts knew plant was at risk, report  says
10/30/06wsj BP Had Safety Problems At 35 Facilities - US  Investigators _ BP Budget Cuts Led To Texas City Explosion-Chem Safety  Bd _  BP's Malone Sets Up US Internal, External Safety Boards _ BP's  Prudhoe Bay Output Has Returned To Over 400,000 B/D
10/29/06gu The daughter who is taking on the might of BP  over Texas City
10/29/06fnm Big oil, energy commission spar over pipeline  provisions
10/27/06adn No significant problems found in Prudhoe Bay transit line
10/27/06hc CBS 60 Minutes examines blast in Texas City, confirms  warnings given BP before Blast
10/27/06wsj Federal Investigators To Report Preliminary BP Texas City Findings Tuesday _ BP Refining Chief Knew About Woes Before Texas Blast-CBS
10/27/06ft BP's US chief banks on a blog to raise standards
10/26/06ktuu Former state worker (Susan Harvey) alleges Knowles  turned blind eye to BP Prudhoe Bay pipeline corrosion
10/24/06hc  BP's profits fall 3.6 percent on Alaska problems  ($ 6.23 Billion )
10/24/06wsj Alaska Regulators OKed BP Decision Not To Test  Prudhoe Pipe In '02 _ BP 3Q Net Pft -3.6%; Warns Of Lower Output to ONLY  $ 6.46 Billion
10/23/06ft BP: ‘All symptoms of a failed  safety culture _ BP's  Struggle to stay ahead of the game
10/19/06adn Alaska should never back away from strict  pipeline  enforcement
10/20/06ajc BP to spend $500M on Prudhoe pipes, facilities
10/20/06adn Oil companies given ABCs on how to keep  pipelines clean
10/20/06wsj BP: Prudhoe Reaches 400,000 B/D --  Pigging Finds  No Problems
10/18/06fnm North Slope family seeks $40 million from BP
10/18/06wsj BP US Chief: Congress To Get More Prudhoe Bay Documents _ Commission Says BP Review Will Be Limited To US  Refineries _ BP Texas City Shuts Alkylation Unit After Finding Leak
10/17/06adn Workers' concerns on Slope examined by BP Ombudsman Sporkin
10/16/06ft BP loses link to Downing Street _ BP to sue or not  to sue _ US agency says BP Texas City fire avoidable
10/15/06lat Energy Bill Is a Boon to Oil Companies
10/15/06wsj BP Prudhoe Output Coming Back; Scrutiny At State  Hearing
10/14/06spi Spill costs ConocoPhillips  $540,000 - accepts  fine, but not blame
10/14/06st Oil fine is WA state's largest, but it's peanuts  for ConocoPhillips
10/14/06wsj ConocoPhillips To Pay $540,000 For Puget Sound Oil Spill
10/13/06ktuu Stevens, Murkowski grill BP executives
10/13/06ajc Alyeska officials downplay pipeline vibrations caused by low flows _ State moves to cover gaps in oil regulation
10/13/06adn Power slowly restored to Prudhoe grid _ Prudhoe could remain shut down for days
10/13/06ft Manzoni holiday hit by BP Texas City explosion
10/12/06ft BP's Browne must testify in blast case
10/12/06adn Panel discusses BP's Prudhoe woes
10/12/06wsj BP: 'Several Days' To Restore Prudhoe Output  From Trickle _ Order To Depose Browne Caps Bad Day For BP In Texas  Court
10/11/06nw BP may face hearings over Alaska papers _  10/06/06nw Big  Big Problem
10/11/06adn BP, state face new questions _ Ex-director says oil firms  gave life to Alaska's Future _ Poor weather hits both ends of  oil pipeline
10/10/06adn Two Alaska Contracts to examine Slope work _ AK  Pipelines  shut down by weather problems _ TAPS oil line rattles raise fears
10/10/06wsj Trans Alaska Pipeline Shut On Flooding; Seen  Back Up Tue _ Electrical Outage Shuts Down Prudhoe Bay Oil Production
10/10/06ft Browne avoids testimony as BP settles 52 cases in  Texas refinery explosion
10/09/06adn FBI looks at more than Veco
10/09/06wsj Alyeska who Operates the Trans Alaska Pipeline  Probes Vibrations
10/07/06adn Murkowski proposes stronger state oversight of oil fields
10/07/06ft Judge tells Browne to provide BP injury testimony
10/06/06wsj UK PRESS: BP CEO Admits Company's Unpopularity  In US _ US EPA: BP, Shell To Pay $1.5M In Air Quality Case
10/06/06ft BP research puts company reputation at all-time low
10/04/06st Alaska probe turns from oil to fish
10/04/06ft Alaskan shutdown dents BP production _ Death puts Russian spotlight on BP
10/04/06wsj Alaska  Lawmakers Keep Credibility Spotlight On BP Alaska _ BP Expects Third Quarter Output To Decline After Alaska Field Woes _ BP Officials Sued By Pension Fund
10/02/06fm Can BP bounce back?
10/1/06adn Alaska Cong Don Young holds tougher pipeline inspection rules for review _ BP to start using 'pigs' on Slope pipeline this weekend _ Alaska Ear - Darling Don Young, Congressman for all Alaskans except Ear