12/29/06adn Alaska updates rules to prevent oil from  spilling
12/24/06ft BP (BP-TNK) under pressure on Kovykta
12/23/06wsj Joint Pipeline Office Scolds Alyeska ( Trans  Alaska Pipeline ) For Delays In Pipeline Test Results
12/22/06ft No room for ambiguity in Lord Browne's successor  BP should make one choice and stick to it _ BP should have been moved to  more than 'disappointment'
12/21/06ft Timing remains the key to BP's succession plans_  Browne denied final say over BP successor
12/20/06wsj BP May Create New Post to Ease CEO Succession
12/20/06ft BP creates post to line up Browne successor _ BP  was questioned over refinery budget
12/19/06oci BP Implodes in Infighting
12/19/06hc Executive's departure adds to BP upheaval
12/19/06ft Blowdown: how faults at BP led to one of  America's worst  industrial disasters _ Accident-prone BP_ Criticisms did  not target Browne and BP leadership
12/18/06ft BP memo criticizes company leadership _ A  corroded culture? How accidents in Alaska forced BP on to the defensive
12/18/06wsj BP Execs Admit No Culture Of Criticism On Safety-Magazine
12/16/06wsj U.S. Moves to Fix Oil-Royalty Flaw with BP,  Conoco, Marathon, Shell _ MMS: Signed Agreement With Oil Cos On 1998-1999 Leases
12/16/06adn BP has 2 weeks to provide feds with info about replacing pipes _
12/15/06hc BP Texas City settlement to help future burn  victims
12/14/06hc BP says inquiry reviews trading
12/14/06wsj Regulator to Bring Action Against BP On Trading  in '02
12/14/06ft BP faces US futures trading charges
12/13/06oci BP Boss “Showed No Interest  In  Safety”
12/12/06hc MMS scores win in BP case
12/10/06adn Subpoena may signal a wider corruption net _  Nabors Drilling is fined for injury by auger
12/09/06adn AK representative Anderson indicted on seven counts
12/09/06wsj Update: Calif Probing BP Pipeline Leak Near Los Angeles
12/08/06adn State lawmaker arrested in FBI probe
12/08/06hc MMS sends BP a $32 million  Bill for back drilling fees
12/08/06wsj California Investigating BP Pipeline Crude Leak  Near LA
12/07/06adn NLRB burglary invalidates Alyeska union vote
12/07/06fnm House passes bill allowing regulation of low-pressure oil lines
12/05/05wsj First BP Documents Released As Part Of Settlement _ Top Alaska Pipeline Regulator Resigns Amid New  Governor
12/02/06wsj Texas Court Orders BP To Give Proof Of Plant  Safety _ BP Reassigns Prudhoe Bay Executive To London Job
12/01/06adn BP moves Prudhoe Bay manager ( VP Maureen  Johnson)  to London job
12/01/06wsj BP Indiana Refinery Faces $384,000 In Safety  Fines _ US Awards BP $90M In Tax Credits For Clean Power Project