05/16/07 US House of Representatives, Energy and Commerce Committee, Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Hearing:


2006 Prudhoe Bay Shutdown: Will Recent Regulatory Changes and BP Management Reforms Prevent Future Failures ?


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Panel I
Stacy Gerard - Acting Assistant Administrator and Chief Safety Officer, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, Department of Transportation

Jonne Slemons

Coordinator, Petroleum Systems Integrity Office, Alaska Department of Natural Resources

Carolyn Merritt - Chair and CEO, U.S Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board

Richard Fairfax - Director, Directorate of Enforcement Programs, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Department of Labor


Panel II
Robert A. Malone - chairman and president, BP America, Houston, Texas



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BP America Inc. Final Report ( Booz Allen Hamilton)

Booz Allen Hamalton March 2007 Report Pages 1-86.pdf   Booz Allen Hamalton March 2007 Report Pages 87-164.pdf


Investigation Exhibits and Reports ( 31 separate documents )

Exhibit.1.pdf  Exhibit.3.pdf  Exhibit.2.pdf  Exhibit.4.pdf  Exhibit.4pg2.pdf  Exhibit.4pg4.pdf  Exhibit.4pg6.pdf  Exhibit.5.pdf  Exhibit.6.pdf  Exhibit.7.pdf  Exhibit.8.pdf  Exhibit.9.pdf  Exhibit.10.pdf  Exhibit.11.pdf  Exhibit.12.pdf  Exhibit.13.pdf  Exhibit.14.pdf  Exhibit.15.pdf  Exhibit.16.pdf  Exhibit.17.pdf  Exhibit.18.pdf  Exhibit.19.pdf  Exhibit.20.pdf  Exhibit.21.pdf  Exhibit.22.pdf  Exhibit.23.pdf  Exhibit.24.pdf  Exhibit.25.pdf  Exhibit.26.pdf  Exhibit.27.pdf  Exhibit.29.pdf  Exhibit.30.pdf  Exhibit.31.pdf 


U.S. Chemical Safety & Hazard Investigation Board Investigation Report



Redacted Interim Report of Investigation

Billie Garde on Failure to Disclose.pdf


Veco Report

Veco Report.pdf


PBU - Management of Change

PBU - Management of Change.pdf