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This Site under Construction!

Welcome to the eisalaska website.  

This site was created to provide information to the public that is critical to the oversight of the oil industry and various government agencies that are required to provide oversight and enforce laws and regulations that protect employee safety and the environment.

Much of the materials comes from the consolidation of other web sites and materials composed by Dan Lawn in the various roles he has occupied over the last 40 years employed by the oil industry, government and as a concerned citizen volunteering for public interest groups:

  1. Employee of the engineering contractor who designed and built the Valdez marine terminal and pump stations for the Trans-Alaska pipeline and Alyeska pipeline service company.

  2. Employee of the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation ( ADEC ).

  3. ADEC Employee seconded to the Federal/State Joint Pipeline Office.

  4. and by Dan Lawn when their was a perceived conflict of interest with my two government employers.

  5. for the public interest organization "Alaska forum of environmental responsibility"  as a Founding member and a corporation officer

  6. Contract work for Pacific environment in Sakhalin, Russia

  7. As the principal in the Environmental information services consulting group

  8. Materials and web sites created by others about Dan lawn

This site will also host our sister organization, the Alaska Forum for Environmental Responsibility ( alaskaforum.org ) web site materials, as that organization can no longer be sustained due to our declining economy.

The Alaska Forum president and founding board member, with the concurrence of the entire board, feels that the material on the alaskaforum web site is too important to lose hence the move to a new location.

The alaskaforum.org site will become the alaskaforum.net and will be co-located on the eisalaska.net web site.

The email address will change from afervdz@alaskaforum.org to afervdz@alaskaforum.net

Please bear with us as we under go this difficult transition and make these required changes.